• HR Works Podcast: How to Eat an Elephant One Bite at a Time
    Jul 16 2024
    We all dread tough conversations at work. But what if they held the key to a thriving, inclusive workplace? Listen in as Hannah Yardley, Chief People and Culture Officer at Achievers, dives deep into the importance of fostering open dialogue, even when it gets messy. Discover how HR leaders can cultivate psychological safety and create a space where employees of all backgrounds feel comfortable bringing their authentic selves to work, and how diversity and inclusion play a crucial role in building a culture of safety and belonging.
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    30 mins
  • HR Work Break: 60 Years of Civil Rights
    Jul 15 2024
    July 2 marks the 60th anniversary of the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Tune in for a special episode about the history, impact, and future of equal employment in America.
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    4 mins
  • HR Works Presents A Seat at the Table: Hard Conversations for a Safe Place at Work (Part II)
    Jul 8 2024
    In part two of this two-episode series, Hannah Yardley, Chief People and Culture Officer at Achievers, takes a seat at the table to discuss how companies can help increase employee trust and set up organizations – from top leaders to entry-level employees – to foster a culture of safety and belonging for all employees. Additionally, she also sheds light on how diversity and inclusion plays a role in all of this too.
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    15 mins
  • HR Works Podcast: Kindness, Civility, and Leading Through Change with Jim Link
    Jul 2 2024
    In the latest episode of the HR Works podcast, we dive deep with Jim Link, CHRO of SHRM. At SHRM 2024, we sat down with Link for an exclusive chat about his career journey, including uncovering his biggest influences and a valuable learning experience disguised as a “mistake.” This episode is a must-listen for HR professionals looking to foster a positive, productive work environment. Listen in as we explore: *The importance of kindness and emphathetic leadership in building a thriving workforce. *Understanding SHRM’s incivility index and its impact on employee well-being. *Reviving civil discourse in the workplace for better collaboration and results. *Jim’s insights on what HR should be focusing on to empower their organizations and drive success, and more.
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    23 mins
  • HR Works Podcast: Hot Takes & HR Hacks Live from SHRM Chicago 2024
    Jun 25 2024
    Get ready for an electrifying episode live from SHRM Chicago 2024! We’re joined by a special guest, the one and only Chief Human Resources Officer of SHRM, Jim Link, for an exclusive conversation about the hottest trends, challenges, and opportunities shaping the HR landscape. Buckle up and get ready for insights straight from the heart of the action!
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    6 mins
  • HR Works Podcast: Unpacking Shame to Become a Better Leader (Part II)
    Jun 18 2024
    Welcome back to part two of our conversation with Chris Michalak, CEO of Personify Health. Listen in as we wrap up our discussion on shame and how to overcome it to become a better leader. We’ll discuss how organizations can navigate sensitive conversations around taboo topics at work, how HR leaders can build resilience to navigate life’s ups and downs (both personally and professionally), the importance of being an ally in the workplace, ways HR leaders can demonstrate true connection and commitment to their colleagues, fostering a sense of belonging, and more.
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    14 mins
  • HR Works Podcast: Unpacking Shame to Become a Better Leader (Part I)
    Jun 11 2024
    In this episode of HR Works, Chris Michalak, CEO of Personify Health, joins to discuss shame and how to overcome it to become a better leader. Additionally, by demonstrating true connection and commitment to his colleagues, Chris has transformed his workplace into a haven where discussions surrounding mental health topics like guilt and shame are stigma-free. In part one of this two-part episode, listen in as we discuss the power of acknowledging shame, being comfortable with your authentic self, the journey from shame to acceptance, the importance of being self-accountable, and more.
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    19 mins
  • HR Works Podcast: Can the Employee Experience Be Personalized and Shared?
    Jun 4 2024
    In honor of HR Daily Advisor’s 2024 HR Employee Experience & Company Culture Now event, this week’s episode of HR Works is a popular gem from our archive. As the employee experience continues to become more and more personalized, how can HR teams help ensure their company culture remains shared and unified? What are the most-effective ways for HR teams to measure and truly understand the impact of their employee experience? Kamaria Scott, founder and CEO of consulting firm Enetic, joined the HR Works Podcast to help us answer these questions and more! Listen in as Kamaria discusses the path to creating effective corporate cultures and building an employee experience that supports personalization, while maintaining a shared and distinct identity. Don’t forget to register for our Now event, which kicks off today and runs through Wednesday, July 5th!
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    50 mins