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Publisher's Summary

There is a lot more to the story than just the light bulb, and there is a lot more to the invention of the light bulb than just Thomas Edison. One thing is for sure - he is still remembered as one of the greatest inventors of all time and perhaps the greatest that America has ever produced. In truth, Edison was a man who invented a lot of things while bringing about incredible advancements in many other things. With the stock ticker, the telegraph, the light bulb, and the motion picture, he may not have invented them, but he improved on them beyond any recognition. They would not be the technologies they are today without Edison’s great mind working on them.

Inside you’ll hearabout:

  • Born into a country of great change
  • The telegraph and the start of his genius
  • How Edison created the invention machine
  • Edison and the phonograph
  • It wasn’t always about success for Edison
  • The truth about the light bulb
  • The rivalry between Tesla and the “war of the currents”
  • Father of the motion pictures
  • The man behind the inventions
  • Edison’s greatest quotes
  • His death and the legacy he left behind
  • Remember him for the right reasons
  • And much more!

Thomas Edison seems to be remembered these days either as the man who invented the light bulb or as the man who didn’t. Without knowing any more about him, you are either giving him false praise for something he didn’t do or not taking into account all the other work he did.

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