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The Voice of the Prophets: Wisdom of the Ages, Sikhism, Jainism: including "The Sri Guru Granth Sahib", "A Treatise on Jainism", "Five Great Vows", "Twelve Reflections", "Nine Tattvas", and "Twelve Vows of a Layperson".

The purpose of this series of texts is very simple. We have striven to compile the best of the better known and the least known ancient sacred texts from world religions throughout time. It is our hope that this series of volumes makes it possible for a lay listener to truly access some of the most important world literature on religion without having to have a library of 5,000 books in their possession. In these volumes you will find everything you need to know to have a well-rounded and deep understanding of the many different faiths and belief systems in our world.

©2005 Marilynn Hughes (P)2016 Marilynn Hughes

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