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Publisher's Summary

Annie Acorn Audio is pleased to present The Ghost of Christmas Present and Other Stories, written by Angel Nichols and narrated by Dan McColly!  

Only the multi-talented, internationally beloved, From Women’s Pen author and graphic designer Angel Nichols could offer a collected works that will send chills down your spine, develop your survival skills, warm your heart, and lead you to the truth about Santa Claus!  

So grab some Christmas cookies, a warm beverage and a chair by the fireplace, relax, and enjoy:  

"The Ghost of Christmas Present" - A teenage girl, an eccentric millionaire, a former cop, a mysterious drunk, and a murderer all find themselves in the middle of an old English forest a week before Christmas. Things soon go sideways as their own agendas come to light, and only a ghost can help them find what they’re really looking for. 

Danger, adventure, betrayal and murder all find themselves at a crossroads when they meet the Ghost of Christmas Present!  

"Christmas in the Mojave" - It's Christmas Eve, and nine passengers aboard a small Cessna jet receive the holiday surprise of their lives! When their plane goes down in the Mojave, these strangers from all walks of life must work together to survive. Twists and terror come together, create unlikely friendships under dangerous conditions. How will they survive this Christmas in the Mojave?  

"Christmas Love Exchange" - Hungry for change, New York native Dean Anderson accepts an offer of an exchange semester in Germany. In the midst of a snow storm, he makes his way to his new home, only to receive a shock. An angry dog, a starving kitten, and a beautiful blonde reinforce his belief that this may be his worst Christmas ever.  

"Jolly Old Spook" - It’s two days before Christmas Eve, and the Mills family is under siege. Nine-year-old Will is used to the annual battle with Ysolda Povenmire and her devil dog, but what, pray tell, do the FBI and CIA have to do with things? Bet you can’t listen to this one without laughing!

©2014 Annie Acorn Publishing LLC (P)2018 Annie Acorn Publishing LLC

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