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The Darkness: A Short Tale of Uncommon Daring & Ultimate Defiance

Narrated by: Josh Cabot
Length: 49 mins
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Publisher's Summary

Everyone's afraid of the dark. Now, there's a reason to be.

Lux and his younger brother, Lunam, enjoy the full freedom of the simple life and all the childhood adventures offered by growing up in a small village in a picturesque glen. Life is tranquil, peaceful, and just about perfect - except for one formidable fact....

Every day is followed by night. And, with the night, comes the DARKNESS.

Slowly shrouding the valley and relentlessly seeping into every nook and cranny on its nightly rampage, the darkness returns to feast on its victims. No man, woman, child, animal - or even insect - is safe. The darkness consumes all; the darkness' hunger is never satisfied.

When the sun falls from the sky, the villagers, young and old, must take to arms, guarding their homes, loved ones, and livestock with every ray of light they can muster. Even young Lux and Lunam are well soldiered in their responsibilities to safeguard themselves and their parents during the nightly vigil, the nightly fight to live to see another day.

It's always been this way - the truths and ritual passed down from generation to generation since ancient times. No one dares question why. Nothing can change the frightening fact of the lives of the villagers or emancipate them from their singular foe - nothing except a child's imagination and a curiosity as immutable as the darkness' own appetite.

There's just one truth guiding every man, woman, and child to strive to see another day: "Darkness Comes but Once a Night".

©2015 Justine Avery (P)2018 Suteki Creative

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