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The Abyss

Narrated by: Thom Bowers
Length: 17 hrs and 25 mins
Categories: Nonfiction, Philosophy

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Publisher's Summary

Have you ever asked yourself why human beings are compelled to agree? Is it in our organic human nature to gather in like-minded groups and segregate ourselves from others with dissimilar opinions? Why do we feel the need to call ourselves good or right, believing only we have a firm grasp of the truth, while we label those not like us as bad or wrong? Is it possible that our compulsion to agree is an elaborate man-made control mechanism, rooted in fear?

James Beyor points out in The Abyss, the second book in his Guarded Hearts trilogy, that we live in a dangerous time, where our agreements are causing us great mental and biological harm. Humankind is suffering from a bio-mental decrepitude. We have been duped into living out a symbolic replica of our human life potential.

Beyor points to an urgent need we must all address, which, if we do not, will bring about anther period of inquisition far more insane and destructive than has been suffered by men in the past. This inquisition will require secular obedience as defined by a government out of control. He points to many fundamental elements that foreshadow unparalleled atrocities inflicted on the mentally and biologically impaired human species.

This is not just another doomsday tale; it is a message of hope that we can, if we act now, reestablish our innate inner directed sense of all knowing built and begin again to live an authentic life.

The people of the world watch helplessly as our institutions falter in their insatiable struggle for dominance over the human race. We must reclaim individual clarity and wean ourselves from our dependency on agreements of symbols and words.

In the Beyor Journals, you will come face to face with yourself and become aware of your own innate clarity; a genesis gift available to all those who have the courage to join then the great awakening; who claim their right to a living truth. You will never again wonder what is behind your success

©2016 James Beyor (P)2016 James Beyor

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