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Warning: This audiobook is nonfiction.... Do not listen to this audiobook unless you desire to look behind reality. Once you listen to this audiobook, everything changes.... Your mind, your life, everything will change. You will never look at reality the same again....

He explained, "It is only when one allows one's future self to manifest in the now that harmony and pleasure can step forth to resonate a frequency of balance. This is because the self of the now is not equipped with the sensors to peer behind the curtain of impossibility that will allow the hidden locks to trigger. Even more than that is to grasp the understanding that leads to self-empowerment. Because, without self-empowerment, each one is required to rely upon another to stumble their way to higher paths. Once this is understood, then it is only proper to answer when called if one's purpose is to empower others." 

Then he told his story; it went something like this...

©2018 Guy Lozier (P)2018 Guy Lozier

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  • astralmike
  • 08-16-18

Truth and more truth

A highly refreshing read and filled with powerful tools to help one navigate the 3D and transcend into a higher state of conscious awareness. Thoroughly recommended