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Publisher's Summary

One choice can transform you - or it can destroy you. But every choice has consequences, and as unrest surges in the factions all around her, Tris Prior must continue trying to save those she loves - and herself - while grappling with haunting questions of grief and forgiveness, identity and loyalty, politics and love.

Tris's initiation day should have been marked by celebration and victory with her chosen faction; instead, the day ended with unspeakable horrors. War now looms as conflict between the factions and their ideologies grows. And in times of war, sides must be chosen, secrets will emerge, and choices will become even more irrevocable - and even more powerful. Transformed by her own decisions but also by haunting grief and guilt, radical new discoveries, and shifting relationships, Tris must fully embrace her Divergence, even if she does not know what she may lose by doing so.

New York Times best-selling author Veronica Roth's much-anticipated second book of the dystopian Divergent series is another intoxicating thrill ride of a story, rich with hallmark twists, heartbreaks, romance, and powerful insights about human nature.

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  • SAN JOSE, CA, United States
  • 03-08-14

Decent but not as interesting as Divergent

Insurgent picks up right where Divergent left off and provides more insight into the factions and the dystopian society in which they exist. This time around Amity and Erudite are revealed in more detail and I found that to be the better part of the book. Each faction has a unique flavor and viewpoint of the overall society and the relationship between them all keeps things interesting.

I can't say the same for the relationship between Tris and Four. Their back and forth relationship is just not that interesting and Tris herself is a far weaker character this time around. Her constant self-doubt becomes tiring and Roth could have cut out a good 30+ minutes of repetition and it wouldn't really have changed the fundamental story at all.

This book sets up and delivers a big reveal at the end that points to a finale that will likely be very different from where the series started. That could either be a good thing or cause the series to "jump the shark." Based on the reviews I see for book 3, and from what I have heard from my friends, the latter seems to be the case.

So pick this one up at your own risk; it is a solid story but not quite as good as book one. The biggest downside to book two is that it leaves you facing a tough call when it comes to book three. For myself, I will listen to Allegiant at some point but I'm not enthusiastic enough about it to do so right now.

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Oh, Tris....get over it!

I really enjoyed the first book. I found the Factions the Initiations and the beginning of the war very engrossing. I was OK with the teen relationship and I found Tris to be mostly relatable and found her strength and fearlessness to be engaging. In this book, having made it only halfway through, I want to tell her to get over it all. Her guilt, her self-doubt, her lack of self-esteem...she seems to go on and on. And I find it difficult to determine whether Tris is talking or thinking to herself due to the narration.

I find myself not emotionally invested in Tris with this book and wanted it to delve into the war and the differing factions. A little bit of Tris and her feelings would be fine. Add a little bit of Four into the mix and I am good. But Tris’s emotions are examined ad nauseam. I have listened to about a third of this book and so little actually happens except some running around, visiting factions, and over-examining Tris’s emotions. I expected more but all I got was a whole bunch of teenage strife! I guess that is what you get when you are a middle-age adult reading a book meant for young adults. (Although I didn’t feel this way when I read the Hunger Games.)
Disappointed …. Now to find a grown-up book!

54 of 63 people found this review helpful

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  • Grant
  • NANTUCKET, MA, United States
  • 05-24-12

Hooked, despite not being a real YA

This is just plain, good story telling. There's a little less gushy teen hand-holding and lovey-dovey stuff in this, the second book. Which made me happy. I would have been even happier if this had been released, not as a trilogy, but as one long book. But I guess trilogies are all the rage these days. I can't believe the author is just 23. There's talent there. Hey, Veronica, finish the third book soon, please. Your closeted 50-year-old white male fan is waiting.

59 of 70 people found this review helpful

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Stellar... seriously... have you read this yet?

In full disclosure, I’ll start off by saying that I love Divergent. I love Tris. I love Four. In my review of Divergent I raised some things that didn’t sit right with me—but, having listened to Insurgent all of my questions/issues were addressed. And while, I can’t change my initial reaction to Divergent---Insurgent has made me love it more and in our trilogy-centric YA world I think that’s a major feat. That being said, I am still reeling a bit by the reveal at the end and if I struggle to find the words I hope you will forgive.

The story picks up literally where we left Tris and gang---and follows them through several different areas. This really helped to flush out the world even more. I loved being able to see the inner workings of different factions. I do not want to give away anything but let’s just say (while I consider myself a truthful person) I do not want to EVER live in Candor.

Tris is much more vulnerable now... deeply affected by losing her parents and wading through the guilt of Will. This story is painful and contains twists and turns that I did not anticipate… betrayal and assistance where I didn’t expect it. And that end… I'm going to start listen to them both again and again... I know it.

Tris and Four… uh! Thank you Veronica Roth… for creating this relationship. Thank you for NOT (can you believe it) giving us a triangle. Thank you for your amazing and realistic dialogue. I… I really am at a loss for words to describe how satisfied I am. And anxious too.

I am in awe of Emma Galvin’s talent. The emotions she brings only enhance the super intense moments. I think her performance was amazingly spot-on.

This is a killer sequel. I am satisfied in a way that I haven’t been in awhile. I am SUPER stoked for the next one. I am also dreading the next one because that will mean the end…

79 of 94 people found this review helpful

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  • George
  • Austin, TX, United States
  • 01-14-14

Struggled to finish

What disappointed you about Insurgent?

I'm not sure why the author tried so hard to make Tris so wishy washy and create exaggerated drama. I bought this book in order to see where she would go with the story and I found out it was a teenage angst melodrama.

Much of the book seems to be a stream of conscious which is confusing to know when Tris is speaking versus carrying a conversation in her own head.

I'll finish the book but avoid the third installment.

Would you ever listen to anything by Veronica Roth again?

Doubtful. the writing leaves me lacking for more.

What three words best describe Emma Galvin’s performance?

Struggled for depth

24 of 29 people found this review helpful

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  • Steve
  • North Potomac, MD, United States
  • 11-17-12

Sci-fi Romance Novel- Obviously for Young Adults

Any additional comments?

First of all I must declare that I did indeed enjoy the story line presented by Divergent and immediately carried forward by Insurgent. After listening to the first two books of this trilogy however, I'll find it hard to spend the the time to listen to the third book in the series. Tris and Four are great characters in a very engrossing story set in an imaginative world. A story with plenty of action, relationships, and intrigue to carry the listener into their adventures. However, these books are written for young adults. I found there was much too much gushy adolescent adoration / love and meaningless conflict and confrontations between characters to my liking. The book was rife with Tris's self reflection and insecurities. The story seemed to have been constructed with a great story line but once the story was complete insertions of self reflection, insecurity, and gushy love text were inserted into scenes to extend the story. I would compare it to a poor editing job on a movie where you may have seen a filler street scene once before in the movie. This may be the fault of an inexperienced author or advisement by her editors. It got to the point where I would fast forward over much of Tris's narrative. The words began to feel too sappy. How many times do we have to hear about Four's blue eyes or regret over Will? I'm sorry to say if you are looking for a series to provide you with a "Hunger Games"-like fix you probably won't find it with these books. Insurgent and Divergent, have the hallmark of romance novels for YAs (minus any lurid love scenes) with a sci-fi twist. There's a great story but it becomes mired in too much sappy self reflection, insecurity, and gushy love.

21 of 26 people found this review helpful

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Lackluster Sequel

On the run and searching for answers, Tris and Tobias explore other factions in this dull, formulaic sequel. The movie was well done, suspenseful, casting was spot-on perfect, and the director took the time to introduce and explore the characters' personalities. Against my better judgment, I downloaded book two to keep the story going. Since I didn't love book one, don't know why I thought book two would be better (although Emma Galvin is excellent).Don't spend your credit, wait the 11 months for the next film.

20 of 25 people found this review helpful

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I seem to be in the minority.... but I didn't enjoy this one nearly as much as Divergent. Maybe my expectations were too high. I found my mind wandering a lot instead of really being engaged. I felt like Tris was bouncing around from one faction to another and, instead of uncovering some of the details of the factions and world building, it felt confusing and disjointed. I also was baffled by the reactions of all the factions in light of what happened at the end of Divergent. As a reader I suppose I just accept it and move on but I found the decisions to be distracting and frustrating.

On a pickier note, there are a lot of side stories going on with characters we are supposed to remember... but I didn't. I'll admit that I'm pretty bad with names but typically authors give us some clues as to who these people are. They didn't leave enough of an impact in Divergent for me to remember all of their names. The beginning of the book was very confusing for me because I could not remember who these people were. I had to go back to Divergent because there were no contextual clues at all.

20 of 25 people found this review helpful

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Can't wait for Book 3

I listened to "Divergent" by Veronica Roth some time last year around the time that I listened to "The Hunger Games". I delayed listening to this second book in the series, "Insurgent", for the mere reason that I found out that the book had not been released as yet and I simply didn't want to blow throw these books and be on that consistent waiting list for the other book to come out. Finally the third book in the series is set to release (I have already pre-ordered the book) and I just blew through this book! And this was absolutely worth my wait!

The story kept you engaged and produced a twist in the end that not even me (the most ardent book reader) could have seen coming! The characters are varied and interesting. The story itself isn't too censored but still definitely suited for a teenager. I recall thinking that the story was pretty fast paced at times, but it suited a book like this.

The narration was well and really did describe the feeling of the leading female character. You can practically hear the desperation in her voice at certain points in the story.

Overall I enjoyed this title immensely and can't wait for the third book in this series to be released!

24 of 31 people found this review helpful

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Great read.

Where does Insurgent rank among all the audiobooks you’ve listened to so far?

One of the best, all three of these books were great.

What other book might you compare Insurgent to and why?

Maze runner, the intensity and kept my attention. I couldn't stop listening.

What about Emma Galvin’s performance did you like?

Plays a great character.

2 of 2 people found this review helpful

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  • @Scattered_Laura
  • 05-28-12

An amazing sequel!


The dystopia in which Tris lives becomes even more vivid in Insurgent. The politics and power-struggles are more fierce, the themes of control and rebellion are more poignant. I loved the direction that this book took.

Tris and Four's relationship hit some speed--bumps in this book, which is common in sequels. However, I'm glad that this remained a background conflict. Both Divergent and Insurgent keep the love interest as a pleasant aside, instead of making it the heart and soul of the story.

I particularly loved the exploration of each faction in this book. While we saw a lot of the Abnegation and Dauntless factions in the first book, there were more situations involving Amity, Erudite and also The Factionless in Insurgent. I also really enjoyed how much more we learned about Tobias/Four's family.

In my opinion, the book had only two teeny-tiny little drawbacks. Nothing so big that I'm going to give this any less than five stars! The first was that Tris kept shutting Tobias out. I always find it irksome in books when characters don;t just talk about things which are blatantly going to cause trouble. Still, it did up the conflict. The second thing was something which always annoys me about sequels...

You know when you watch a TV show which ends on a big cliffhanger and then you have to wait a week for the second part? Well, before part two airs there's always a catch up, right? A quick 'n' dirty thirty-second recap which just refreshes the ol' noggin. Well, the older I get and the more books I read, the more I think all series books should have a paragraph or two at the start which reminds people like me what the hell is going on! Like I said, I'm not gonna take a star off because I get confused easily! He he.

All in all, this rocked. I can't wait for book three to come out. The ending of this book promises BIG things and it's going to be an agonising wait!

2 of 2 people found this review helpful

  • Overall
  • Miss Victoria Hicks
  • 04-07-13

Another strong dystopian piece from Veronica Roth

Like the first book in this trilogy, Divergent, i love Insurgent and have it in Paperback, Kindle e-book & Audible audiobook.

Insurgent starts where Divergent finished and in this installment the dystopian world is thrown into chaos.

With fierce political and power struggles, the sub themes of political control and social rebellion are even more enhanced.

In this book the reader/listener gets to discover and experience more about each faction and the factionless.

Remaining questions for Divergent are answered while new ones are created, some of which are answered before the book ends and some are not, leaving you wanting more.

The return of Emma Galvin as narrator is very welcome, she does a brilliant job.

I cannot wait for the third and final book in this awesome trilogy.

Highly recommended.

1 of 1 people found this review helpful

  • Overall
  • Kindle Customer
  • 04-07-13

Good series !

I really liked this series and am especially looking forward to the next instalment however I don't think( as many of the marketing campaigns would suggest) it is on a level with the hunger games. It seems to draw on many of the hunger games themes and ideas ( different segments of the city etc) which is annoyingly repetitive.

The novel pretty much starts off where the first one ended, making it a bit difficult to follow with out a bit of divergent catchup. However once properly settled the plot really takes off and I found it difficult to put down!

Be warned the ending is a cliff hanger, not a brutal one but one never the less, so anyone looking for closure might be better off elsewhere!

Overall highly recommended!:)

  • Overall
  • Debbie
  • 06-11-12

Easy Listen

Not quite as good as the first book but definately still an enjoyable listen and am now just waiting for the final installment.

1 of 2 people found this review helpful