• Speed Reading

  • Learn How to Speed Read in 24 Hours and Triple Your Reading Speed: Accelerated Learning, Beginner's Guide to Speed Reading! Techniques and Tips to Reading Faster
  • By: Steven Giles
  • Narrated by: Doug Greene
  • Length: 1 hr and 51 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook
  • Release date: 10-31-17
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: James Thompson

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Publisher's Summary

Learn speed reading and increase your reading speed by up to 300% in 24 hours

Do you want to read faster, take in more, and improve yourself?

Learn the fundamentals of speed reading with techniques and methods to learn fast! Basic and advanced speed-reading techniques! You will learn the following:

  • The history of speed reading
  • The benefits of reading faster
  • How to speed read
  • The basics and advanced speed reading!
  • What gets in the way of reading fast
  • Ways to master speed reading
  • And much much more!

Whether you just want to learn more about the speed reading or already understand it and want extra help becoming a speed reading expert, this book is for you. So don't delay it any longer. Take this opportunity by buying this speed-reading guide now! You will be shocked by how much you can learn about speed reading. Impress your friends and family with how fast you can read. Read more and get ahead of the curve. Get that promotion or simply read more fascinating books. Don't delay - try this audiobook now.

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