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There’s only so much room on the Island, only so much blood, and Manhattan’s Vampyre Clans aren’t interested in sharing. So when the Vyrus-infected dregs of New York’s outer boroughs start creeping across the bridges, the Clans want to know why. Bad luck for PI Joe Pitt. Joe used to be a Rogue, work off his own dime, pick his own gigs, but tight times and a terminally ill girlfriend pushed him to the renegade Society Clan.

Now he has all the cash and blood he needs, but at a steep price. The price tonight is crossing the bridge, finding the Freak Clan, and figuring out what’s driving the savages to scratch at the Society’s door. No need to look far. The answer lies around the corner in Gravesend. From uptown to the boardwalk, war drums are beating. Murderous family feuds and personal grudges are being drawn and brandished, along with the long knives.

©2007 Charles Huston (P)2010 Blackstone Audio

Critic Reviews

“As always, Huston’s formidable writing chops are on full display: his action scenes are unparalleled in crime fiction and his dialogue is so hip and dead-on that Elmore Leonard should be getting nervous.” (Publishers Weekly)
“Well written and fast-paced, this third installment in Houston’s Joe Pitt Casebooks noir series…features all the hard-boiled action of the previous titles.” (Library Journal)

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another solid installment

If you are at this point in the series, you are probably already invested.

More of the same (in a good way) - solid writing, great voice work (hey, it's Brick)

One observation, not really a criticism -- the story in this installment is a little less self-contained. I think the episodic plot, the immediate issue or "mystery" that the protagonist deals with, takes a back seat to service the overall plot arc of the series. there is less about the immediate threat and more about complications in the recurring world and overall situations, and the story ends with issues maybe a little more open. It feels like a set-up for the next installments.
(much like Part II of abt any classic trilogy behaves)
It's not really a negative
while it would be a clever trick to be able to close the story AND keep momentum, that would just be a clever trick -- I think the change in pacing keeps the series from falling into a "set em up...knock em down" monotony and seems to be a common and natural place to open up a story to a larger arc (Dresden Files book 3 does this very clearly and the Harry Potter series also follows this rhythm for instance).

-the short term characters,situations nd themes are quite interesting
-the author is not afraid to make the threats a little more abstract and complex (protagonist having to juggle multiple elements)
- the long term characters are not too precious for change

If you are this far in, you'll enjoy it, I did

just prepare to immediately want book 4 (in production) to tie things up.

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  • Kenneth
  • Eureka, CA, United States
  • 08-01-10

Order correction

Already dead is Volume 1, NO Dominion is Volume 2, this is book 3 ,Every Last Drop is book 4, My dead Body is book 5. Book 4 should be out September. Love these books! :D

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  • Clydene
  • San Diego, California
  • 10-06-10

I loved the Joe Pit Series and So Will You!

I love the Joe Pitt series, because it is something so unique, extremely well written and a great performance. The series embodies the very elements of the Hero’s Journey. Yes, we know, this is book 3 of a 5 part series, and it was recorded after My Body, which is the last book in the series. I almost bought the hard copy last fall when My Body was released so I could fill in the blanks. Needless to say this book was worth the wait.

Half the Blood of Brooklyn is a Fantastic book in the Joe Pitt series, which is the tale of a Vampire who is a detective, or is it a detective who is a Vampire, set in modern day New York. In preface of the book Charlie Huston both thanks and apologizes to Raymond Chandler and Bram Stoker for the liberties taken in the book, which is the perfect blend of both genres of fiction in the creation of THE Vampire Detective novel. The prose of the story is so rich and dialog so seamless that one can’t help thinking that perhaps Huston was channeling Chandler at some level, but through the writing he has created something that is very much his own style. There is an element of mystery that surrounds the story and you are easily transported into the multiple clans of the vampires in Huston’s novel as well as the violence that permeates this world with its own set of rules. It is also just a great detective novel.

Scott Brick’s performance (and I say performance rather than narration) in the series has been GREAT. What Scott does in this book exceeds the bench mark with everything he has read previously. He brings the written word alive and sets the words on fire. His performance is so passionate and dynamic that through his narration you feel the world of Joe Pitt come alive You are effortlessly transported to the world of Joe Pitt where he has to strike a balance between the vampire clans. Fantastic job! One hopes that if this book is made into a movie he will get to play the role of Joe Pitt.

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  • Story

Joe Pitt crosses a bridge

I find myself addicted to the Joe Pitt stories, Huston's vibrant and gritty characters, and Brick's flawless vocal delivery. That said, I must admit that this is my least favorite book in the series. There is a lot of talk and political positioning by characters other than Joe Pitt. While I am sure Half the Blood of Brooklyn could stand alone, it rather feels like a bridge to get from one story arc to another. Like me, existing Joe Pitt fans will most likely enjoy this story. However, if I could recommend only one book in this series, it would not be this book, but rather Already Dead.

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  • Overall

A bit too much talking going on

It wasn't quite as exciting as the earlier ones in the series. Joe is still Joe, and the story is still noir, with vampires being a 'normal' addition to the world, but there was a lot of - well, I guess discussion is the best word - of religious-political factions in the vampire world. Of course, Joe is caught in the middle of it all, but... there was too much talk-talk (the Rabbi sharing his politics, Bird sharing his politics, Lydia sharing her politics, the Enclave sharing its politics, Amanda sharing hers and so on...) I wanted more action-story, less talking-story.

That and some of the suspense seemed put-on for the sake of the story: Joe didn't have to go through what he did go through, all he had to do is speak up and much of it wouldn't have happened. But then there'd be no story, huh...

Of course, it was still good, just not as thrilling as I had hoped. The narrator *is* the voice of Joe.

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  • JQ
  • 10-18-16

Wicked Gory Dirty Fun.

Would you listen to Half the Blood of Brooklyn again? Why?

Yeah maybe. Although I generally only read books over again if it's about to be turned into a T.V. show or movie. Unfortunately that hasn't happened yet with this series.

What other book might you compare Half the Blood of Brooklyn to and why?

Hmmm... that's a tough one. I think this series is unique unto itself. If you like N.Y. noir and vampires you'll definitely like this book.

Which scene was your favorite?

Another tough one. You guys are really hitting them out of the park today. Since these books have no chapters it's difficult to pin-point an actual scene. I think when Joe was screaming at Sela to shoot Terry was one of my favorite. You could hear the tension and fear and complete confidence that if she didn't kill him right at that moment, there would be serious consequences. And of course Joe is right. Joe's always right.

Did you have an extreme reaction to this book? Did it make you laugh or cry?

It made me laugh out loud at times. The narration is fantastic and often very amusing. Joe has such a dry sense of humor and his complete incredulousness at other people's idiocy is so funny. At times you just think his head will explode with the lunacy of it all. Plus he uses the word "fuck" a lot and in such a way that needs no further explanation. I get it Joe, I get it.

Any additional comments?

I loved the narration! Thank you Scott Brick for not attempting what inevitably sounds like Mrs. Doubtfire when narrating a female character. Again thank you. Love everyone.

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The shark is here. Not quite jumped. Yet.

Any additional comments?

I really dug the first two books. Though Charlie Huston is entirely hit or miss for me. I first discovered him through his MOON KNIGHT run for Marvel Comics, still one of my favorite trade paperbacks. I read some of his detective novels and it was like Joe Pitt. Some were fresh and strong. Then disappointing when it just began to seem lazy. Post Tarantino navel gazing or wanking or whatever. Again, I really, really dug the initial two books. And this one is NOT bad. Just wearisome by the end. I mean, the last two hours were monologuing after monologuing. And mind you that would be ok. What annoyed me was EVERYBODY talks the SAME. The same rhythm and attitude and it feels like Huston just isn’t even trying. Still, fans will want to read this one and it is good enough. It could have been much shorter and probably merged with whatever comes next. I guarantee you Huston was trying to meet his deadline and padding material to make a book. That’s what it feels like. I’m not sure if I will continue reading Joe Pitt. I’ll likely get back to him, particularly since there are only two more novels (so far).

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Good book but this is book 3, NO Dominion is book 1, Already Dead is book 2, Every Last Drop book 4, My dead Body is book 5. Staying in order helps with these books.

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