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Publisher's Summary

In his #1 New York Times best seller, Bias, Emmy Award-winning journalist Bernard Goldberg created a national firestorm when he exposed the liberal biases of the so-called mainstream media. Now, in his new blockbuster, Goldberg goes even further. He not only takes on Big Journalism, but offers a twelve-step program to help the media elites overcome their addiction to bias.

In Arrogance, Goldberg punctures the bubble in which the media elites live and work, a culture of denial where contrary views are not welcome. He shows how they base their stories on assumptions many Americans don't share-which inevitably leads to biased reporting and slanted news. With blistering wit and passion, he names names and builds his case, revealing:

How the media's coverage of the Jayson Blair scandal missed far more serious problems at the New York Times
How some of the toughest watchdogs in journalism became Hillary Clinton's lapdogs
Why the media refuse to shoot straight when the subject turns to guns
What the real truth is behind the Ms.-information put out by feminists and passed on to you by their friends in the media
Which CBS News icon is "transparently liberal," according to commentator Andy Rooney
Which Hollywood celebrities say the dopiest things about America
Why some think the top journalism school in America is an intellectual gulag
Why the only kind of diversity you cannot find in a lot of newsrooms is a diversity of ideas
How some journalists, like Bob Costas and Tim Russert, do get it ¿ and how they think American journalism can be made better.

Arrogance is one of those rare programs that can change not only a powerful American institution, but the American landscape as well.

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Critic Reviews

"Vocally, Goldbert is blunt, loud, and insistent....He adds an intelligent, combative voice to the media mix." (AudioFile)

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Bias Not

I was a huge fan of Bias yesterday, I am a huge fan of Bias today, and I will be a huge fan of Bias tomorrow. This is not Bias. In Bias, Goldberg was the victim. He was being abused by Dan Rather, one of the most influential men in News. That book was full of facts and examples. It's premise, was that journalist had a liberal bias, but didn't realize it. In this book Goldberg goes on the attack. Goldberg makes the same mistake of his fellow conservatives, in that he is extremely arrogant himself. In Bias we had empathy for him. In this he is smarmy, mouthy, and down right unpleasant. I listened to Rush and Hannity for years, but got tired of their brash hatefulness. I don't understand why, conservatives, can't realize, that sometimes it is not what you say, but how you say it. Goldberg does give us some facts in this book, but it is mostly nastiness and smart mouth. This is the fourth book of his I have read and I believe he has run out of things new to say and his just repeating himself, along with his own arrogance. Mixed in with the cute remarks are some interesting and Important facts, that everyone should know.

My Bio
I normally don't like reviewers that talk about themselves a lot. We want a review on the book, not a face book chat. I find that I do have to talk about myself to bring the importance in my eyes of Bias by Goldberg. I grew up loving the news. When I was a kid I would rather watch the news than cartoons. My parents compared me to Michael J. Fox on Family Ties. I did not always understand the news, for example I could not understand why gorillas where fighting in Vietnam. In my house we watched John Chancellor, my dad did not like Cronkite. In those days, when a newsman, mentioned anything that was not backed by facts, the word commentary always labeled on the TV. As the years went by, it seemed that newsmen where more interested in being our friends, than telling the news. Opinions abounded, but now they were so splattered through the news, you could not tell where the facts where. It got to where I did not care to watch anymore. Than I read a book by Peter McCabe, called Bad News At Black Rock. It was basically a hit piece on Dan Rather and showed just how much power he wheeled. I could not put an exact finger on my problem with the news until, Goldberg came out with Bias.

The Power of the News
It is important that we all understand bias and how it effects the news and the power these people have over the general population. I voted for Obama and I think he is a good president. I mention this only so you know I am not being critical of Obama. Obama was on Oprah several times as a junior congressman. Oprah loved the guy. She pushed him to run for president. She was the most powerful person on daytime TV. Then they networks started strongly supporting him. Had it not been for this backing, he may not be president today. The media has lots of power.

Goldberg is the narrator and he does a good job.

12 of 12 people found this review helpful

  • Overall

Big Media?

Having heard all the flack Bernard Goldberg received from his critics about his book "Bias" I was interested in hearing his thoughts in his own words . The book kept me interested and explained why his opinion about the media is an important subject to explore. Many of the examples of media bias in the book I remember hearing or seeing myself at the time they were in the news, others were interesting in there absence from public view.
I now wish "Bias" was also available on audible.

9 of 10 people found this review helpful

  • Overall
  • David
  • Clyde, NC, USA
  • 09-08-04

Please,..Let,s hear it AII!

Very good read, from a 'middle of the road' reader...
But..Ahem, Most Kind Audible folks, ..
two things are missing here, perhaps.

1.The unabridged version (always critical) for this type of non-fiction.

2.Book 1,"Bias" The NY # 1 best seller and precurser to this audio document.
(I have read both 'complete versions' and can guarentee the readers of this book that the impact and cohesiveness is greatly augmented by reading the former publication as well!

They are really a two part opus in content,.. and should definitely be assimilated in tandum.

Thanks in advance, Audible!

16 of 19 people found this review helpful

  • Overall

Absolutely Brilliant!

Bernard Goldberg scores again with his follow up tome to Bias. Whether you agree with his point of view or not, this book is lively and raises the debate over media bias to a new level. A very enjoyable read (listen)!

47 of 58 people found this review helpful

  • Overall
  • Douglas
  • burlingame, CA, USA
  • 11-11-03


Mr. Goldberg hits the nail on the head with 'Arrogance'.

His experience as an 'insider' gives the reader (or listener) a glimpse of just how out of touch many of the 'media elites' are.

Mr. Goldbergs wit and style, make 'Arrogance' a joy to read. 'Arrogance' could have very easily become an overly passionate rant or a boring, if accurate, legal brief. Mr. Goldberg has instead, created an entertaining and important book.

When reading other 'Arrogance' reviews, ask yourself if the person who wrote it actually read the book, or if they're simply opposed to a 'diversity of ideas'.

63 of 79 people found this review helpful

  • Overall
  • David
  • Valparaiso, IN, USA
  • 11-21-03

Eye opening

This is the first audio book that I've listened to that I couldn't put down. From start to finish this book will grab you with anecdote and example of the fascinating career of the author, as told by the author. It is amazing to me how the ?big three? networks can continue to operate the way they do after Mr. Goldberg exposes them for what they are. Anyone who wants proof of a liberal bias in the press, and the arrogance that is behind it should get this book.

8 of 10 people found this review helpful

  • Overall
  • Matthew
  • valencia, CA, USA
  • 11-21-03

An honest man

Look I'm a right winger. Bernard Goldberg is a liberal. But what we both have in common is that we are not afraid of debate. Mr. Goldberg is an honest man. His insight into the media is very unique. He doesn't attack those that he criticizes with words that would stifle debate. In fact, most of the time, he is pointing out that there is another side that is usually not sought by the main stream media. His writing style and many of his points encourage people to be fair when assessing the other side of an argument. His first book Bias was excellent and this one is very good. Enjoy

8 of 10 people found this review helpful

  • Overall
  • Chris
  • long beach, NY, USA
  • 12-12-03

better as an audio book then a paper book

this book is actually better as an audio book then a paper book, Goldberg's narration is excellent.

this book is a tour de force, it takes on every aspect of liberal bias in the media. From 9/11, to the war on terror, to gay rights, race relations, gun control, etc. You name it, Goldberg's examples on each and every issue really bring home his essential points regarding the media.

after hearing this book, you will never pick up a major newspaper or watch the news on one of the major networks the same way again, if at all.

7 of 9 people found this review helpful

  • Overall

Masterful ... Required Reading ...

Thanks for writing this important book! You've written what I've felt for years - that there is Arrogance in the news rooms around the country ... that they have to 'think for us', 'cause we're too stupid to figure it out on our own.

Should be required reading for all ...

6 of 8 people found this review helpful

  • Overall
  • Mark
  • Grafton, WI, USA
  • 09-02-04

Great listening

This was easy listening and very informative. He carries the book well and I found myself asking the same questions he was answering. Good book.

7 of 10 people found this review helpful