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Publisher's Summary

Selected and presented by Elizabeth Klett and Denis Daly.

Volume Three - The Young Lions

The First World War shook loose the foundations not only of political structures, but also artistic conventions. New styles of poetry emerged which challenged not just the traditional presentation of poetry, but even the structure and function of language itself.

This volume pays tribute to the pioneers who redefined the poetic landscape in this challenging period.

Contents of Volume Three:

  • T.S.Eliot - "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" and 19 other poems - "Gerontion" - "The Waste Land"
  • Ezra Pound - Four Cantos
  • Fredegond Shove - Dreams and Journeys
  • Carl Sandburg - Six poems
  • Edna St Vincent Millay - 22 poems
  • William Carlos Williams - "The Tempers"
  • Vita Sackville-West - Poems of West and East
  • Robert Frost - "A Boys Will" (32 poems)
  • Amy Lowell - Seven poems
  • Conrad Aiken - Two poems - "Nocturne of Remembered Spring" and "Innocence"
  • Stephen Vincent Benét - "The Drug-Shop, or, Endymion in Edmonstoun"

Public Domain (P)2016 Voices of Today

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