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Publisher's Summary

Meet Me in the Mountains is an edgy, uplifting, and truthful memoir that is sure to bring hope and inspiration to those who listen to it.

A stubborn and determined eight year old girl named Candy Cotten finds her own way of dealing with her parents’ divorce - along with a father who drinks too much. She moves through life facing fears and unexpected challenges with determination. Her faith in Jesus Christ was apparent in grade school, and continues to this day. She strives to find hope in all situations even when life is not fair.

An attitude of "press on" through unforeseen circumstances, proves to be healing and sometimes controversial. Emotional and physical pain are not wanted, but when they unexpectedly arrive, Candy Marie Bridges takes them head on in order to find answers and peace.

She fights to help two of her three children, both diagnosed in their teenage years with an autoimmune illness called Crohn’s disease.

In addition, she exposes her own personal and private heartaches involving the decision to forgive the at-fault-party who was the cause of the senseless wrongful death of her husband.

Meet Me in the Mountains was written by an ordinary woman with the desire to share her story with others who feel like life is too much to bear. She is stubborn, yet has a compassionate heart.

Her biography reflects humor, anger, rejection, faith filled persistence and patience.

Candy Marie Bridge's captivates the listener with her honesty. The book reveals the benefits of never ending faith, hope, and love.

©2011 Candy Marie Bridges (P)2013 Candy Marie Bridges

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