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Man on the Moon

Science & Nature
By: iMinds
Narrated by: Luca James Lee
Length: 7 mins

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Editorial Reviews

With the Cold War reaching new heights, Russia and America found themselves pitted in a highly aggressive space race. Though Russia sent the first man into space, NASA, famously, sent the first manned mission to the moon. With this enjoyable program, performed by the amiable Luca James Lee, learn all about the intricacies of the famous space voyages from both America and Russia, and hear what all went into ensuring America would put a man on the moon. This thorough and concise program is ideal for an evening jog or your work commute.

Publisher's Summary

Learn about landing a Man on the Moon with iMinds insightful audio knowledge series. When the Cold War was at its height in the 1950s and 1960s, the US and Russia were fierce rivals. So, with burgeoning technology making flying safer and easier, these two world powers embarked on a “space race” to see who could be the first to launch a rocket into space. On 12 April 1961, Russia won! And the astronaut Yuri Gargarin went down in history as the first person to make it into space.

That same year, John F. Kennedy became President of the United States. NASA’s Administrator, James Webb, was like a breath of fresh air for JFK, helping to stir up enthusiasm for an American moon-landing. Through his energy and charisma, he won over not only the President, but industry, academia and Congress as well. Gargarin’s successful launch into space had caused an immense interest in space travel in the American consciousness. With Americans throughout the country in the grips of a space obsession, Congress threw a lot of money in the direction of NASA.

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"I'm learning all sorts of stuff about stuff I didn't even know I didn't know. And it sticks. In a nutshell: wonderful." (Jonathon Margolis, Financial Times)

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