Publisher's Summary

You want to learn Japanese, but with something exciting...and scary!

"Ahh! A ghost! It's about to..."

See? You don't even notice the "learning process" because you just want to know what happens. A good Japanese ghost story will do that to you! That means this is the audiobook for you.

You get 14 stories inside this audiobook. You learn about spooky Japanese superstitions, traditions, and culture while learning the Japanese language at the same time!

This is perfect for beginners and intermediate-level learners who want to improve their Japanese and learn a bit of culture.

How does it work? It's simple.

You learn Japanese as you listen and read with the transliterations and translations. No need to stop everything and check the dictionary 10 times in a row.

With this audiobook, you get:

  • Culture class: Japanese superstitions and beliefs
  • One scary Japanese fairy tale
  • O-Bon Kaidan (eight horror stories)
  • More than three hours in total
  • A 165-page ebook so you can read along

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Modern Culture Scary Stories and Older Superstitions

It was very informative and entertaining to listen to, but definitely geared towards a more advanced Japanese learner.
The book starts with various superstitions/legends and breaks them down to understand the individual words. However it was difficult for me to determine what word went with what translation until another word was translated.
The stories were entertaining, the stories are read in Japanese and then translated and immediately followed by another story. I kind of wish the English translation was first or that after the English translation it was read again in Japanese to understand more of what was going on.

One last thing these scary stories aren’t about the original old tales/legends of tengus, shinigami, onis, and other ayakashi.