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Garrett, baron of the Cinque Ports, has sworn his allegiance to King Edward III to keep the channel safe and secure from marauders. But while on a journey heading to Great Yarmouth for a well-earned respite, he comes across the pirate ship that has been evading his capture. When he boards the ship, hoping to overtake them with his men, a storm at sea leaves him stranded alone with a ship of pirates.

Echo is the daughter of the infamous pirate Captain Powell ap Llyr. She has been raised aboard the ship of cutthroat men, trying to live up to her father's expectations of being the son he never had. But when a handsome lord is trapped aboard her ship, she knows she cannot let him die at the hands of her father and the crew. And when she finds out who the man is, she helps him escape for reasons that may benefit herself as well. But once on land, things take an unexpected twist, and she needs to pretend she is a lady.

Will they continue the guise, or will the Lord Warden's visit strip one's title and send the other to the gallows? 

Love and honor clash as a nobleman and a pirate fall in love and face the most difficult challenge of their lives. 

©2013 Elizabeth Roe (P)2019 RoseScribe Media Inc.

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