• Episode 4: The Concept of Coming Out

    Mar 9 2020
    We share what it’s like coming out as queer and Muslim and the obstacles that come with it. Maria, Almass and Sameer talk about their experiences and give their advice.
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    54 mins
  • Episode 3: Religion vs Culture

    Mar 2 2020
    We discuss the blurry lines between religion and culture in Islam and how this impacts the queer Muslim community. Hear honest stories from our guests Mubeen, Khalil and Sunny.
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    34 mins
  • Episode 2: Stigma of Shame

    Feb 24 2020
    We explore where the stigma of shame comes from for queer Muslims. Shelina, Sara and Mohammad go in depth about how they overcome this in their own lives.
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    36 mins
  • Episode 1: Muslim Stories

    Feb 17 2020
    We hear first-hand personal stories from Sunny, Amber and Ibrahim about their journeys navigating religion and sexuality.
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    39 mins
  • Istame'a | Listen: Queer Muslim Stories

    Feb 5 2020
    Queer and Muslim? Listen up to our new podcast, Istame'a brought to you by Hidayah, one of UK’s fastest growing organisations supporting LGBTQI+ Muslims. In our four-part series we’ll be sharing raw, honest and personal stories from Queer Muslim’s. We’ll be going in depth about what it’s like to come out, how we navigate the stigma of shame, go in-depth with Muslim Stories and we explore religion vs culture. Tune in on the 17th of February to hear our stories.
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    1 min