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When it comes to raising kids, there is no owner's manual. You have to figure it out as you go. As a new parent, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and wonder if you are doing things right or are you going to scar your kid for life if you feed him his sweet fruity baby food before you have introduced his bland vegetables. Will it give him a sweet tooth like your nosy neighbor insists it will?

And what about potty training? What's the secret to getting your daughter to give up diapers? This book will answer these questions along with many others that many parents wonder about.

It also has home remedies to keep you out of the doctor's office, ways to sneak vegetables in to your child's stomach when they are the pickiest eaters in your neighborhood, discipline strategies for sticky situations and some funny and touching stories about real life infants and toddlers.

It even includes two recipes from the very popular Sneaky Chef cookbooks by Missy Chase Lapine. This book will offer creative solutions to the challenges you will face as a parent. So quit wondering about what you should do, get a creative answer and have a good laugh all at the same time with How to Parent Toddlers.

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