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  • Jul 1 2022
    I'm joined by Ivori Johnson, Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging at ChartHop, and Kat Kibben, CEO and Founder of Three Ears Media. Listen in as we discuss Pride Month, being LGBTQ+ at work, and how to be an inclusive employer.
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    18 mins
  • Jun 28 2022
    Guest: Andrea Colabella, Executive Recruiter & Principal of Cardea Group What makes these newest entrants into the workforce unique and how can hiring teams set themselves apart to attract the latest influx of talent entering the job market? In our latest episode of the HR Works Podcast, we are joined by Cardea Group’s Andrea Colabella (Executive Recruiter & Principal) to take a closer look at the newest members entering the workforce and discuss trends that she’s most excited for in the future of recruiting.
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    29 mins
  • Jun 24 2022
    I'm joined by Deb LaMere, Chief HR Officer at Datasite. Listen in as we discuss how listening is the first step to becoming a genuine ally, how to build a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and much more.
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    16 mins
  • Jun 21 2022
    Guest: DDS Dobson-Smith, CEO and founder of Soul Trained “Diversity is a fact. Inclusion is a behavior. Belonging is an experience.” In our latest episode of the HR Works Podcast, licensed therapist, author, executive coach, and CEO and founder of Soul Trained, DDS Dobson-Smith, joins to dig deeper into this quote and explain how a culture of belonging can have a massive impact on workplace performance. Learn why DDS feels we are in an era that should be referred to as the Great Realization, and the first steps HR leaders can take to create a culture of belonging.
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    39 mins
  • Jun 20 2022
    In the latest episode of A Seat at the Table, listen in as Shrina Sood, Associate Vice President of Talent Acquisition & DEIB Programs at Curriculum Associates, discusses the importance of giving others a seat at the table, what employees are expecting from employers, how accountability benefits everyone, the value of transparency, and so much more.
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    19 mins
  • Jun 17 2022
    I’m joined by Scott Relf, Chief Revenue Officer at Qrails. Qrails is a Cloud based, API-driven, and developer friendly payment platform that empowers employees and their families through innovative financial wellness solutions. Listen in as we discuss earned pay access and the future of HR payroll technology.
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    15 mins
  • Jun 16 2022
    In our premiere of the HR Works Showcase series, we partnered with BambooHR to share their brand-new podcast series, The Era, dedicated to the employee experience and the journey organizations are taking as they enter the workplace’s latest era – the Employee Experience Era. Hosted by BambooHR CEO, Brad Rencher, this pilot episode explores the psychological contract between employer and employee and the bind on HR to serve both. Then, we’ll hear from special guest, Katie Burke (Chief People Officer at HubSpot), as she shares her take on what it means to grow better.
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    41 mins
  • Jun 14 2022
    Guests: Holly Severance (Health & Wellbeing Manager) and Erica Phelps, RD (Health and Wellness Specialist) from Shape Corp., and Lauren Higgins (Managing Director of Client Success) from the EX Program by Truth Initiative. In today’s labor market, HR leaders are delicately balancing the need for a differentiated benefit offering to attract talent—and all done with a fixed budget. In this special episode of the HR Works Podcast, done in collaboration with the EX Program by Truth Initiative, we speak with two members of the Health & Wellbeing team at Shape Corp., a Michigan-based tier-one automotive supplier, and find out which incentives and rewards they are using to attract talent, retain their current workforce, and improve employee health. We then spend some time with the EX Program's Managing Director of Client Success, Lauren Higgins, to learn about the latest changes in benefit offerings to support tobacco addiction and how HR leaders can identify when they need to make room for tobacco cessation programs within their benefits budgets.
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    40 mins
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