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  • Mar 23 2023
    How much time and money is it costing your HR team to correct payroll errors? Our latest episode on the HR Works Showcase tackles that costly question and more, as we share a brand-new feature episode from Paycom's podcast series, HR Break Room. Listen as H3 HR Advisors co-founder, Steve Boese, joins host Morgan Beard, and the two to dig into a recent Ernst & Young (EY) study that reveals how payroll errors and traditional payroll systems can actually harm the employee experience.
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    40 mins
  • Mar 21 2023
    Guest: Monica Eaton, co-founder and COO of Chargebacks911 and creator of the LIFT Mentorship Program Why are women leaders quitting their jobs and what can organizations, and specifically their HR teams, do to support and retain the talented women of their workforce? In this latest episode of the HR Works Podcast, we are joined by Monica Eaton, co-founder and COO of Chargebacks911 and creator of the LIFT Mentorship Program. Listen as Monica helps us examine the challenging workforce trend of “The Great Breakup” and provides advice to HR teams looking to not only support their women leaders, but cultivate the aspiring leaders of the future.
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    37 mins
  • Mar 20 2023
    In this episode of A Seat at the Table, Odessa “OJ” Jenkins, President at workplace compliance/HR tech start-up Emtrain, joins us. Although Jenkins’s background might not seem like an ideal fit for the role of a Silicon Valley president, she’s proof that breaking the mold isn’t a bad thing. She’s a pioneer in women’s sports for founding and leading the nation’s biggest women’s tackle football league, but she also has enterprise software and HR/workplace chops through her past position as vice president of client success at YourCause, an enterprise software company that connects clients and employees to the global community through corporate social responsibility. Listen in as we discuss how knowing who you are as an organization benefits your employees, the importance of belonging, defining inclusion in order to change it, and so much more.
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  • Mar 17 2023
    Andrea Ferrara, CHRO at PepsiCo Beverages NA, joins HR Work Break to discuss Women’s History Month, DEI, and the “She Is Pepsi” program.
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    14 mins
  • Mar 14 2023
    Guest: Shimrit Paley Markette, Chief People Officer, Second Nature What is one thing HR leaders should START and STOP doing in 2023 to improve workplace wellness? Listen as we share the audio from our recent Now and Next Research Review webinar, presented as part of HR Daily Advisor’s HR Now: Wellness and Burnout virtual summit. Second Nature’s Chief People Officer, Shimrit Paley Markette, joined to help us review the results from a recent subscriber survey and discuss the latest trends of workplace wellness. Shimrit shared great insight and advice for HR professionals battling against employee burnout, and we only felt it right to share with our HR Works audience!
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  • Mar 7 2023
    Guest: Scott Day, Chief People Officer at Alludo The 4-day workweek concept is dominating headlines and conversation in the HR space right now, and while it may help workers set better boundaries and balance, is it the best solution for pairing productivity and flexibility in the workplace? In this latest episode of the HR Works Podcast, we explore workplace flexibility and the recent 4-day workweek trend with Alludo’s Chief People Officer, Scott Day. Listen as Scott explains why workplace flexibility should be a major focus for HR teams in 2023, but why the attendance models can’t be looked at as one-size-fits-all for organizations.
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    42 mins
  • Mar 3 2023
    John Godfrey, Director of Levelling Up at Legal & General, joins to discuss the impact of gig work on the labor market, the pros and cons of freelancing, and much more!
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    16 mins
  • Feb 28 2023
    Guest: Mike Bollinger, Global Vice President of Strategic Initiatives for Cornerstone In today’s competitive workforce, companies are scrambling to retain, reskill and remobilize their employees to meet new demands for growth and transformation. At the same time, employees are eager to grow in their careers and are yearning for more development opportunities. So how can HR leaders meet in the middle, accomplish both the goals of their business and their workforce, and ultimately double down on their talent development in 2023? In this latest episode of the HR Works Podcast, Cornerstone’s Mike Bollinger (Global VP of Strategic Initiatives) returns to help us answer this million-dollar question by taking a closer look at findings from the 2023 Talent Mobility Study, released by the Cornerstone People Research Lab and Lighthouse Research & Advisory. Listen as Mike shares valuable insight from this latest survey and helps provide HR leaders with tools to help meet the pressing need for transparent growth opportunities in their workforce.
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    29 mins
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