• HR Works Podcast 257: Is a 'September Surge' Happening in 2023?
    Sep 26 2023
    Guest: Jâlie Cohen, Group SVP and Head of Global Talent at The Adecco Group Is the 'September Surge' actually happening in 2023 or is it just optimistic buzz? And who is currently driving the talent marketplace – Existing employees, prospective talent, or the employers? In this latest episode of the HR Works Podcast, we check on the pulse of the hiring market and examine the current buzz surrounding 'September Surge' with Jâlie Cohen, The Adecco Group's Group SVP and Head of Global Talent. An expert in leading talent acquisition and the talent experience initiatives, Jâlie shares her great insight on unique trends from the current talent pool and offers valuable advice to HR and talent acquisition leaders on where they should be investing their resources to be most-effective in the final months of 2023.
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    43 mins
  • HR Work Break: Decoding AI's Role in Recruiting
    Sep 22 2023
    What should hiring teams keep in mind as they incorporate new technologies into their recruiting strategy? Will Rose, Chief Technology Officer at Talent Select AI, joins to discuss the future of hiring technology, the influence of AI in recruiting, and more!
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    15 mins
  • HR Works Podcast 256: 5 Generations, 1 Goal – Keep Your Multigenerational Workforce Motivated
    Sep 19 2023
    Guest: Lisa Ryan, Founder and Chief Appreciation Strategist of Grategy With five generations of workers currently coexisting in the modern workforce, is each generations looking for the same thing out of their workplace experience in 2023? What factors are keeping these unique generational groups ‘locked-in’, engaged, and motivated? In this week’s episode of the HR Works Podcast, we are joined by Lisa Ryan, engagement expert, best-selling author and Grategy’s founder and Chief Appreciation Strategist, as we examine what it takes to build a corporate culture that meets the needs of multiple workforce generations. Originally shared as part of our recent HR Now: Turnover & Retention virtual summit, listen as Lisa brings her expert insight and passion for engagement strategy into a conversation that gives HR leaders and their organizations the keys to creating a culture that all generations of employees will want to be a part of in 2023!
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    45 mins
  • HR Work Break: Back to School Best Practices
    Sep 15 2023
    Sadie Funk and Sara Redington, leaders from The Best Place for Working Parents, join HR Work Break to share best practices for supporting parents, the importance of flexible and inclusive benefits, and more!
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    13 mins
  • HR Works Podcast 255: What Does Workplace Flexibility Mean in 2023?
    Sep 12 2023
    Guest: Kathy Cullen-Cote, Chief People Officer at Teradata What does it mean to have a fully flexible work environment in 2023? What elements of the employee experience need to be factored into making a decision on the balance between in-office and remote work? In this latest episode of the HR Works Podcast, Kathy Cullen-Cote, Teradata‘s Chief People Officer, helps us understand what it means to embrace a fully flexible work environment – one that provides employees with the right balance between in-office and remote work, all without sacrificing the employee experience. An expert in building engaged, connected, and caring workplace cultures, Kathy explains how organizations and their HR leadership teams are being defined by their decisions of being in-office, fully remote, or hybrid and shares how HR leaders can best determine the right balance for their workforce.
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    32 mins
  • HR Works Presents A Seat at the Table: Planting Seeds for a Positive Culture
    Sep 11 2023
    Building a better culture is a wise investment in your organization’s future. Like a gardener, organizations must keep their garden (workplace) healthy and productive. So, what does this entail? Well, mindfulness and intentionality are key. And that starts with being intentional about what seeds you plant in your organization. My guest today is all about intentionality and mindfulness. Listen in as Tiffany Castagno, CEO and founder of HR consulting firm CEPHR, LLC, discusses seeds organizations should be intentional about planting to harvest a healthy culture, how organizations can use their company handbook to design a thriving workplace culture, and what it takes to maintain a healthy and productive workforce.
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    21 mins
  • HR Work Break: Interview Intelligence and the Human Element
    Sep 8 2023
    How can HR professionals bring together the power of AI while maintaining the human connection in interviews? Rich Mendis, CMO of HireLogic, joins this episode of HR Work Break to answer this question and more.
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    16 mins
  • HR Works Podcast 254: Busting Remote Workforce Myths
    Sep 5 2023
    Guest: Kelly Scheib, Chief People Officer at Crunchbase Can company culture still be built and clearly defined with a fully remote workforce? Are employees less productive when they are not in a shared office space together? In this latest episode of the HR Works Podcast, we are joined by Kelly Scheib, Chief People Officer at Crunchbase, to discuss her first-hand experiences in leading the people operations of a ‘remote-first’ company. Listen as Kelly helps us bust a few of the myths and misunderstandings that are commonly associated with distributed and remote-first workforces.
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    36 mins