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"Grief is a kind of madness."

In 2005, grief brought five strangers together in a pact to prevent other people suffering the same tragedies they’d endured - by killing those "who deserve to die" before they could harm others. 

In 2018, when Tom - one of the five - is shot dead, the other four members suspect that someone wants to kill them all. But who? A relative of one of their victims? Or someone within their own group? 

Paranoid, their unorthodox family starts to fall apart as they turn on each other. So when Tom’s adopted son, 17-year-old Ezra, takes it upon himself to find out what happened to his father, he places himself at the center of a disintegrating conspiracy - and in the firing line. 

Dark and atmospheric, Flickering Lights is a crime drama that explores the impact of grief and lost love and how everyone is trying to "fill a hole in their heart".

©2018 Michael Purton (P)2019 Michael Purton

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