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Publisher's Summary

Bits and pieces of Nani's shattered memory begin to return.

Nani and Tai realize their quest to seal the broken Pillars must take them away from everything they know and far beyond the province of Avoria.

As they search for a way across the border and into the province of Bayrudaal, the B’nli and their friends seek refuge in the hidden Mari Kai village of Talaris.

Can they piece together enough of Nani's memories to discover who their true enemies are? What affect will the Pillar of Light have on Alexi? Should the B'nli fear the people of Bayrudaal, or seek their aid?

Nani must embrace her broken past to Escape From Avoria.

The Milana Legends are a Christian fiction fantasy adventure series.

©2015 Anna Travis (P)2018 Anna Travis

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