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Publisher's Summary

This concise but powerful audiobook was adapted from the book, Charismatic Captivation, (see below) also by Dr. Lambert. It was published in response to the requests of many fanss of the "big book" for a condensed version they could give to loved ones and acquaintances who they believed were part of a dominating and controlling church or ministry.

Multitudes of sincere and trusting believers are unaware victims of the heavy hand of hyper-authoritarianism, or spiritual abuse, psychological enslavement, and exploitation, perpetrated by dominating and controlling ministers and groups. They are ensnared in the web of religious captivation, and don't realize it.

The problem with spiritual blindness is its victims are totally blind to it. Likewise, the problem with deception is that the deceived are deceived about being deceived. Victims of authoritarianism are indoctrinated to accept Scripturally -condemned - prohibited doctrines and practices as being proper and normative, though they are neither.

This fast-moving, easy-to-digest audio explains directly and concisely the paramount points and issues of Charismatic Captivation.

©1997 Steven Lambert, ThD, DMin (P)2013 Steven Lambert, ThD, DMin

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