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Publisher's Summary

Her visions have helped solve crimes; her instincts have helped find missing people; she can predict future events and sense your thoughts. These are some of the extraordinary gifts that define the remarkable Allison DuBois, the real-life medium, wife, and mother whose life is the inspiration for the hit NBC television series Medium.

When she was six years old, Allison's deceased great-grandfather came to her with a message for her mother: "I am okay, I am still with you. Tell your mom there's no pain." Allison shared his comforting words with her mother and thus began a lifetime of creating connections between loved ones and those they have lost. The purpose of her gifts became clear when Allison worked as an intern in the homicide bureau of the district attorney's office and found that she visualized the crime as she handled the evidence. Allison now works as a profiler on criminal investigations.

In this stunning audiobook, Allison shares fascinating stories of her encounters with people who have passed and her adventures as a profiler for various law enforcement organizations. With wit and compassion, Allison shows us what it is like to live with these special gifts and talents and also tells about her struggle to live a normal life as a devoted wife and mother.

If you have ever questioned whether there is an afterlife, this audiobook will help you see that there is a living energy beyond death.

©2004 Allison DuBois; (P)2005 Simon & Schuster Inc. AUDIOWORKS is an imprint of Simon & Schuster Audio Division, Simon & Schuster, Inc.

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  • Bradley
  • Thousand Oaks, US, Canada
  • 12-07-05

The Real Psychic

This audio book is filled with answers to the mysteries experienced by mediums that see the dead in the flesh. While this idea terrifies me and makes me question my own beliefs it makes my understanding of her experience clear. I believe that Allison really sees the things she conveys because her telling is so straightforward.

Allison Dubois is a real person, she is unpolished and unpretentious and this audio book clearly highlights her naivete in the world of voice acting. There are numerous negative criticisms about the amateurish quality of Allison’s reading of this book and while I can agree in most instances, even most nonfiction, in this case I love Allison’s honest reading of this memoir. Why would you want to listen to this book after knowing these glaring observations?

Many psychics are showmen and little more and they rely on their ability to capture their audience’s attention with slick and flashy presentations. Allison I suspect has had little experience in the limelight and as a result this audio book sounds very much like a telephone conversation. Which I personally welcome because I want to know who Allison Dubois is and what the world she lives in feels like. Allison exudes emotion and unconsciously unveils herself for all who listen to the telling of her life.

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  • Len
  • Dallas, TX, USA
  • 04-23-05

I agree, Authors should Write

The information in this book helps understand the character that is shown in the TV series, Medium. The story presented can be of interest to those who are curious about the possibilities of life after death or in peoples' intuition. The book is Alison's personal life story but, like most authors, her talent lies in areas other than narration. (The only writer I can think of that enhances his writing by his spoken word is David Sedaris.) I have a feeling that Alison Dubois would be great to meet in person and would be a wonderful person to converse with - but not if she had to read from a script. Too bad Patricia Arquette wasn't available to narrate Alison's book.

7 of 8 people found this review helpful

  • Overall

Don't Kiss Them Good-Bye

It's time someone thought to discourage some authors from reading their own books. There is a reason there are professional readers. I didn't buy this book because, listening to the sample, I knew I would not be able to listen to the reader's voice for a long period of time. The material itself sounded interesting. Please re-issue it with a different reader!

22 of 27 people found this review helpful

  • Overall
  • Stephanie
  • Burbank, CA, United States
  • 08-03-06

No Emotion

I wanted to like this audio book but couldn't even get halfway through. The author read in such a monotone voice I could hardly stand it. Some emotion and inflection would be appreciated.

2 of 2 people found this review helpful

  • Overall
  • Kary
  • Portland, OR, USA
  • 02-01-06

Not recommended.. at all.

"Don't Kiss Them Good-Bye" was more of a "how to" book and less of a true memoir than I expected. I was irritated by her suggestions about how to make it easier for the psychic kids in my life. I understand her desire to help other people who have "the gift", but her intentions might have been better served as a post-script or introduction -- something separate from the memoir itself. Intertwining the two made it impossible to get lost in the narrative.

The narrative itself was also problematic. It actually sounded too much like somone writing a high school English class essay for my taste. The flow was stilted, the voice was prosaic, and the descriptions were often repetitive and obvious.

Like other reviewers, I was bothered by the author/narrator's monotone, but I could have gotten through it if her writing were better. As it is, Ms. Dubois' writing style is sophomoric at best. She could use a good editor or perhaps a good ghost writer.

If you're looking for a really well written memoir, I'd suggest David Sedaris or Sarah Vowell. Allison Dubois may have an interesting story, but she doesn't have a clue how to tell it.

5 of 6 people found this review helpful

  • Overall
  • Kimberly
  • Cherry Valley, CA, USA
  • 02-13-07


I've watched the TV show and was interested to learn what the real story is behind Alison Dubois. This book is read by the author and her husband and in this case I think they should have had someone else read it. Once I got past the cadence of the reader, I found the story itself fairly interesting.

1 of 1 people found this review helpful

  • Overall

Interesting, ask yourself what you expect?

I only read this book because I enjoy the television show. I frankly see the entire practice of being a medium as an area where deception has historically been a part of the practice, since people always desire final or additional communication. History has provided these examples throughout the ages. Although this sounds negative, I do know there are times the veil separating death and life can thin and communication does occur.

Although some complain regarding her reading her work, I find this only required a bit of adjustment to her style. She comes across as very sincere in how she defines her gifts and guides. This part felt influenced by how other mediums define themselves, so I wonder if her definition of how she interprets her gifts will grow as her definition of life grows. All in all, a positive read.

1 of 1 people found this review helpful

  • Overall

comfort, courage and caring

Allison gives us information which settles many questions about those feelings we call intuition, huntches, and 'just knowing' the unexplainable. She's a compassionate being with the heart of helping and her work is facinating as well as comforting. I personally could relate to many of the examples and it encourages me to trust my instincts even more.
It is NOT an occult frenzy of ghosts, but enlightens the other side. Light and love flow from her reading.
I would encourage anyone who is grieving over someone who has passed to listen to this. She should be blessed for her honesty and I pray God continues to guide her with stregnth and clarity.

3 of 4 people found this review helpful

  • Overall
  • Heidi
  • Nashville, TN, USA
  • 10-11-05


Interesting life! I like her style better than Sylvia Brown's. I have read many books by other mediums including John Edward, but I really enjoy the sense of ease with Allison. She seems to be very honest and straighforward, and she keeps even the "unknown" simple. There doesn't seem to be any desire to sensationalize her experiences. The down-to-earth writing style is refreshing. Even seeing dead people can seem normal to some people! The best part was hearing her voice in narration and the cameo by her husband was sweet.

1 of 1 people found this review helpful

  • Overall


Well, Allison may have a gift.....but it isn't writing. Or reading for that matter. I am only 2/3 of the way through this one and I'm not sure if I'll be able to finish it. I am going to listen to something else and maybe I'll come back to it. Her voice drives me nuts. And the material is so repetetive. Ugh.

3 of 4 people found this review helpful

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  • Elizabeth
  • 06-12-07

Sorry to say goodbye.

For anyone interested in the unknown or missing that piece of a jigsaw, whether it be fulfillment or a loved one; this is a must. Once you get past the monotonous voice, it compels you to tune in and keep listening. I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed 'Don't Kiss Them Good-Bye' and would highly recommend it ? if it?s your thing. Sorry to have finished it and sorry to say goodbye to this audio tape.

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  • Overall
  • Performance
  • Story
  • Danielleg1989
  • 12-05-15


This book was very enjoyable it reconfirms what I already know and tells me a few things I didn't

  • Overall
  • Craig
  • 01-23-11

More for parents than me

I was really looking forward to listening to this book, being a fan of the TV show Medium and a big fan of psychics and all things spiritual I expected a lot from it. I was really disappointed. The book starts of well, a few stories about Alison growing up, then half way through it becomes a how to guide for parents with psychic kids, I'm sure if you were a parent who thinks their child maybe psychic you may find this useful but for me it just didn't hit the mark.

  • Overall
  • Chrisitne
  • 04-19-10

Be open minded

Fascinating insight into minds of others, and what they can see,makes you think..
well written and read.

  • Overall
  • Karen
  • 03-25-08


This was interesting, but I think you may find her other book 'we are their heaven' a better introduction to this author / medium. However, even with this book it provides an interesting back drop to the tv persona created by the series medium.