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Destry Cotton was not from Amity, nor did she care about its rich and colorful past. However, this Christmas, her husband insisted they travel to his home, where Destry met her in-laws for the first time. 

Trapped with the Cottons by a terrible blizzard, Destry not only began to learn about Amity, but Bill Cotton spoke of his own struggle with life and the impact that doubt and fear had taken on his family, his friends, and his nation. As Bill told of God's supernatural intervention, Destry began to wonder if the God she professed to believe would actually interact with humans. Was it even possible? 

Pull up a chair, join Destry, and witness how God intervened to rescue a nation and help his people learn to live beyond the fire.

©2017 Dewayne A Jackson (P)2018 Dewayne A Jackson

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