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Publisher's Summary

Written by industry expert George A. Sites, this is an easy-to-understand introduction to SCR power controls. It is ideally designed to meet the needs of the new engineer and/or sales/engineers who desire to know more about SCRs. It is the only book of its kind on the market today.

Topics covered include:

1. Introduction to SCR power controls
2. Industries and applications
3. Main components of an SCR power control
4. SCRs - the discrete device
5. Firing circuit methods
6. Types of feedback
7. Power factor, harmonics, and RFI
8. Load considerations
9. Cooling considerations
10. Enclosure selection
11. Maintenance
12. The complete electric heating system
13. What the future holds for SCR power controllers

©2014 George A. Sites (P)2015 George A. Sites

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