I predict

this year there are going to be an abundance of witches on Halloween. Like, even more than usual. Interest in the occult is on the rise, and at this point it’s noticeable enough that friends are talking to me about advice they’ve received during their latest tarot card reading or astrologist appointment. As a skeptic and a paranormal romance fan, I find the trend both amusing and fantastical. I keep having this stranger-than-fiction feeling, almost as if elements from my favorite paranormal stories are jumping out into the real world.

It’s going to be an interesting Halloween season for sure. I think I’m going to lean into this one and embrace the witchy-ness. If you’d like to join me, you can catch some recs for witchy love stories on our latest episode of Audicted to Romance (out tomorrow!) to set the mood.

- Melissa, Audible editor

About the Editor

Melissa’s listening life revolves around 1. escapism and 2. magic. To her, those two words encompass things like portals to new worlds, meet-cutes, and characters who can serve up a good dose of witty banter. Find her tweeting about her latest romance, YA, or fantasy listening obsessions @MelissaBendixen, and if you’re lucky, you’ll occasionally spot a picture of her out and about with her leash-trained cat in the NYC jungle.

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