It's tempting

to think of the end of the year as a time of closing. It signals time to reflect on everything we've accomplished, although we can also feel a little down about all the things we didn’t get done. But, as I’ve been recently reminded, beginnings can happen at any time, too, even in the middle of an ending.

Right now in the Audible office a few of us have challenged each other to finish the year strong by accomplishing six small tasks each day. That way, when the new year rolls around, we’ll all be ahead of the New Year’s resolutions scramble. I’ve also just recently changed desks, so my view of Newark is a little different and things are feeling fresh. Who knows what the new perspective might bring?

As you begin your week, your month, and your next listen, I hope you remember what we romance listeners know intimately: every happily ever after is just another way to say once upon a time on a new beginning.

- Melissa, Audible editor

About the Editor

Melissa’s listening life revolves around 1. escapism and 2. magic. To her, those two words encompass things like portals to new worlds, meet-cutes, and characters who can serve up a good dose of witty banter. Find her tweeting about her latest romance, YA, or fantasy listening obsessions @MelissaBendixen, and if you’re lucky, you’ll occasionally spot a picture of her out and about with her leash-trained cat in the NYC jungle.

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