Winter has been

rolling through, with snow squalls hitting hard here in New Jersey and then disappearing. And suddenly we’re a week into February, the shortest month of the year packed with two big celebrations: Black History and Valentine’s Day. While the skeptic in me feels that there’s no reason to limit when and how we recognize the cultural history and influence of African Americans, or to blindly celebrate romantic love based on a card industry holiday—why not seize an opportunity? We’re deep into one of the coldest winters on record, and in need of some good listens. So the less skeptical part of me is embracing these February traditions. Here are the listens I’ve been inspired to check out this month.

About the Editor

Tricia listens to discover characters and voices that transport her, not to a fantasy world, but to the heart of what it is to be human in this world. Follow her on Twitter @tricia___ford.

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