I know you,

and I know you opened this email expecting a hot take on Thanksgiving from me, your favorite comedy editor from a New Jersey-based audio entertainment company. But that’s not what you’re gonna get. Why? Because I’m rock 'n’ roll and I do what I want.

So what do I have for you today? Well, I guess I just want you to know something that I’m just starting to figure out myself. This time of year can get very busy, and it’s okay to take a beat and do what you have to do to keep your balance. Nothing you’re laboring over for work is more important than your own well-being—unless your job is super important and massively affects the greater human population. In which case, get it together ASAP! But for the rest of you, take it easy. Take a day, find some laughs where you can, and do whatever keeps your head on straight. We need you at your best out here.

See you in December!

- Aaron, Audible editor

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