Growing up,

my family never really went on any big vacations. Aside from the occasional trip down to Florida to visit my grandparents or that one cruise where I spent the entire trip loading up on the buffet and eating ice cream till my teeth hurt, I’ve never really been on a proper relaxing vacation. But now that I’m a big shot with a job (shoutout to Audible), I decided I’m going to Portugal for two weeks. What am I gonna do there? I don’t really know, but hopefully whatever I end up doing will involve a lot of food and drink and sun.

So the next time you’ll be hearing from me, you’ll be reading the writing of a much more cultured, experienced, chilled-out, clearer-headed Aaron who’s had time to think profound thoughts and may know a word or two in Portuguese. And if that’s not the case, I can at least guarantee I’ll be a few shades tanner… and probably a few pounds heavier.

- Aaron, Audible editor

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