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Home Is Where the Harm Is: The Best Domestic Thriller Audiobooks

Every neighborhood has a story. It could be the tragedy that took place years ago, or maybe an urban legend about that creepy house down the street. Or perhaps it's the new couple on the block who seem to be hiding something. These tales of suspense and mystery are what drive the popularity of the fastest growing subgenre of thrillers: the domestic thriller.

Listening Well Is the Best Revenge: The Best Revenge Thriller Audiobooks

No one among us hasn't imagined what it would be like to right a wrong. And even though it's better to turn the other cheek, forgive, and forget, it's still fun to listen to fictional characters enact their revenge. If you need a balm for a slight you’re still seething over, we’ve created this handy list of the best revenge thriller audiobooks to add to your library.

20 Best Zombie Audiobooks to Satisfy Your Cravings

The rise of the living dead may be one of the most frequently explored apocalypse scenarios by modern authors, and with good reason. A great zombie audiobook combines visceral action, the distress of watching the dead rise, and the inexorability of the human will to survive. There are almost as many titles on the subject as there are zombies in each work, and you’ll find every kind of zombie scenario in our list of the 20 best listens.

Stephen King’s 20 Best Audiobooks: The Definitive List

Stephen King is one of the most prolific American authors of all time. He has published 61 novels, more than 200 short stories, and six nonfiction books—and he shows no sign of stopping. His most recent novel, The Institute, was published in September of 2019, and we’ve already pre-ordered his novella anthology If It Bleeds. With such a large portfolio, choosing one audiobook to start with can be daunting. Our list will make the choice easier.

Spooky Supernatural Romance Audiobooks to Get Your Heart Racing

The two genres combined here—paranormal and romance—each have highly engaged, passionate fanbases who make finding quality recommendations easy. Listeners are enraptured by these stories. Ready for a frightful swoon? Whether you prefer werewolves, witches, or wyrs, there’s a listen for you.

The 10 Best Vampire Book Series to Sink Your Teeth Into

You’ve powered through Charlaine Harris’s Sookie Stackhouse series, and you’re a die-hard Anne Rice fan—but you want more vampire audiobooks in your life! These series will keep you immersed in all things dark and dangerous for hours on end. Whether you’re in the mood for something chilling, something sexy, or just something new, we’ve got the bloodiest and best vampire book series for you.

Worldwide Thrills: The Best International Thriller Audiobooks

Thriller audiobooks are a great escape. They can whisk you around the world and beyond without ever having to leave your home. They can take you to places near and far without having to pack a suitcase. (Oh, and if you are taking a trip, you can bring a book with you—that's two trips in one!) From Havana to Nigeria to Tokyo, these suspense-packed listens will take you on a heart-pounding, journey from the first shocking twist to the final gasp.

The 10 Detective Book Series That Keep Us Guessing

Chances are if you’re a mystery or crime fan, you love detective novels. And if you hate having a suspenseful story interrupted by life’s chores and routines, then you’re always on the lookout for the best detective book series in audio. Here are series so good, you’ll have a hard time not marathoning them all. Since everyone’s lives are different levels of hectic, we've got listens of all lengths for you. Let’s go!

10 Best Vampire Audiobooks to Suck You In

Vampire stories have fascinated people across cultures for generations. From gothic Transylvania to modern Seattle, it seems like vampires have taken every form in every culture and every country around the world. From all of these options, we’ve selected the best audiobooks from the pack: those with the most captivating characters, creepiest settings, and, perhaps most importantly, the best vocal performances available.

10 Thrilling Spy Book Series for Espionage Lovers

Intrigue, danger, pulse-pounding action, shocking twists, and edge-of-your-seat moments—that’s what great spy book series are made of. And having them narrated to you, with all the breathless intensity the plots require, makes espionage books a must in audiobook format. Want to experience the adventure of catching a mole, romancing a secret agent, or living a life undercover and on the run? Here are 10 thrilling series for your spy-loving heart.

10 Best Dystopian Audiobooks with Unsettling Alternate Realities

Though the dystopian genre focuses on the world’s degeneration, these fantastical, exploratory, and poignant titles often have the power to reveal something significant about the world listeners live in now. No matter the dystopia conjured in a selection, their creators enable us to explore human nature and safely reflect on our own reality.

Best Mystery Series: Listens That'll Take You Right to the Crime Scene

While a standalone mystery is great when you're in the mood for a one-and-done, sometimes you want to feed your craving with an entire mystery series—knowing there's a world and characters you can keep coming back to. With audiobooks, you get the added bonus of sinking deeper into the setting, clues, and suspects as the story is performed.

The Best Paranormal Audiobooks to Give You Chills

No matter your genre preference, paranormal audiobooks offer something for just about everyone. Whether you arrive seeking horror, thrills, romance, or pure escapist fantasy, there’s a title here for you—and with a slate of narrators that includes famous actors and award-winning voice artists, it’s impossible to go wrong with any of these picks. Here are the audiobooks we think represent the very best in paranormal listening.

No Full Moon Needed: The Best Werewolf Series to Listen to Right Now

Tired of listening to stories about humans? Consider the werewolf! Taking various forms over centuries and mythologies, often as flesh-devourers, they now commonly appear in fantasy novels as shape-shifters. They depict the struggles we all face within ourselves on some level. From steamy romances to action packed sagas, these are the best werewolf series.

Mmmm, Brains...The Best Zombie Series to Devour in Audio

Zombies have been a potent cultural force for decades. Something about the concept of a ragtag crew of survivors facing off against endless masses of shuffling brain-munchers really seems to speak to people! But which stories are the very best? Which zombie audiobooks will have you checking the locks and sleeping with a baseball bat next to your bed? From trilogies to sagas, these post-apocalyptic zombie listens are sure to satisfy.

Eerie Dystopian Audiobook Series to Listen to Right Now

Imagine this: something has gone terribly wrong with the world. The old way of life has collapsed, leaving humankind to salvage what they can from the destruction. If any of that sounds familiar, you might be living in a dystopian audiobook series. Dystopian listens place a heavy emphasis on their bleak, startlingly different environments, so becoming immersed in the author's world is critical to fully appreciating the work. Audio is the perfect format.

The Best Paranormal Book Series in Audio

For as long as humans have told stories, we have had a fascination with paranormal and supernatural forces. The folklore of just about every human culture is rife with stories that feature talking animals, shape-shifters, demons, witches, spirits, and more. Whether you're looking for a paranormal fantasy that will grip you with its action or romance with an otherworldly twist, these are some of our favorite paranormal audiobook series to discover.

Thrills and Chills: These Are the Best Horror Book Series in Audio

Don’t wait for Halloween! Winter, spring, or summer—it’s always the right time of year to get all wrapped up in a horror series! From paranormal frights to psychological thrillers grounded in reality, the horror genre offers a wealth and wide variety of gripping audiobooks. From ghosts and witches to demons and spirits, these listens cover every spooky scenario.

These Noir Listens Will Take You to the Dark Side of Fiction

What do you love most in your mystery listens? Is it dark, moody settings and gritty storylines? Is it morally ambiguous main characters with complex inner lives? If so, noir is your kind of fiction. As a literary genre, noir can be difficult to nail down because so much of it is based on a general feeling of darkness and danger. Noir fiction was inspired by film noir, and film noir traces its roots to hard-boiled detective novels.

Go Beyond the Courthouse with These Legal Thriller Audiobooks

Some of the most exciting mystery and crime plots unravel around courtroom proceedings. There's an exciting world of legal thriller audiobooks beyond the biggest names out there waiting to be discovered. Here are the best legal thrillers featuring scenes of courtroom drama and twisty legal plots that will keep you gripped and guessing until the gavel’s rapped.