Dan Rather Tells 'Stories of a Lifetime'
Peabody award winner and former CBS News anchor Dan Rather shares the decisive moments of his life, love, and career in his deeply personal staged performance. Read now
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Queer Like Us: A Conversation with the Queer Newark Oral History Project
Audible editor Michael Collina speaks to the Queer Newark Oral History Project about the power and importance of preserving queer voices. Read now
Mitch Albom Gives the Pandemic a 'Human Touch'
The bestselling author found a way to use his special skills to help some of those most affected by COVID-19. His 8-week-long serialized story homes in on the thing we're all missing right now: human contact and connection. Read now
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Lily King's 'Writers & Lovers' Explores Finding Your Way Through Grief To Adulthood
The 'Euphoria' author is back six years later with a modern-day coming-of-age tale that challenges the creative quest narratives for women. Read now
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2019's Featured Interviews
These 10 interviews capture the power and beauty of a one-on-one conversation with a favorite storyteller. Read now
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My Big Little Corner Of Nowhere
Isaac Gomez, playwright and author of Audible Original 'The Way She Spoke', shares what it was like after his hometown of El Paso endured this year’s devastating massacre. Read now
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Ta-Nehisi Coates' 'The Water Dancer' Makes A Big Splash
Abby West interviews Ta-Nehisi Coates Read now