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Secrets From Science to Make Thanksgiving (and Every Meal) Better
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Tips And Resources To Help With Working From Home
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How To 'Get To' a Place of Finding Joy Even in Your Darkest of Moments
Author Ted Larkins shares his sound advice for re-framing your thinking, tackling chores with ease, and realizing that celebrities are just like us – even Bon Jovi. Read now
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For Some Lucky Fans, Writing A Star Wars Novel Is A Dream Come True
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What's Your 'X' Rating?
For many listeners, 1x speed isn't fast enough — there's a world of movers and shakers getting through their books and podcasts in half the time. Here’s why (and how) they do it. Read now
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The Secret To This Romance Author's Success? Breaking All The Rules.
When Kristen Ashley decided to ignore the "shoulds" and "shouldn'ts" and just do her own thing, devoted fans followed. Read now
Here's How You're Going To Hit Your Reading Goal This Year
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