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Comedian Lauren Lapkus Shares Why Audio Improv Is Getting Far From A 'Bad Reception'
Actress and Comedian Lauren Lapkus sat down with editor Aaron Schwartz at the annual San Francisco Sketchfest and spoke about her role in the Audible Original 'Bad Reception' and her career in comedy. Read now
Arts & Culture
We Still Have A Crack Problem
A new Audible documentary series, '100:1 The Crack Legacy,' traces combative policing’s roots to extreme policies made during the 1980s 'war on drugs.' Read now
Arts & Culture
A 'Genius' Graduation Speech Worth Listening To At Any Phase Of Life
'On The Media' host Bob Garfield talks to MacArthur Fellows, or 'Geniuses,' in his Audible series 'The Genius Dialogues.' From their success stories comes this advice for graduates (or anyone). Read now
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Esther Perel Unpacks Desire, Infidelity, And Partnerships In A New Podcast
Listeners sit in on real sessions with the renowned couples therapist in Audible's new series 'Where Should We Begin?' Read now
Science & Technology
Can You Still Hate The Sound Of Your Voice When It's Your Profession?
We know people cringe when hearing themselves on recordings, so how do narrators, podcast hosts, and other voice-centric professionals deal with it? Read now
Listens For (Almost) Every Financial Situation
Tax season is always a stark reminder of where we need to improve our money matters. But rejoice! For you are about to get the lowdown on listens to help turn things around, courtesy of the host of financial podcast Motley Fool Answers. Read now
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Dangerous, Necessary, And Human: Kelly McEvers On Audio Journalism Right Now
She's now the co-host of "All Things Considered," but the intrepid reporter has spent 20 years risking her life to capture important audio stories from the world's most dangerous places. Read now