Inside Audible
It's All About the Voice at Audible's In-House Studio Space
Audible Studios' new studio space, overlooking Newark, NJ's downtown business district, creates an environment where audiobook actors only have to worry about one thing: using their talent to bring stories to life. With seven custom recording studios, state-of-the-art equipment, and... Read now
Arts & Culture
A Brief History on the Importance of ... Well, History, With Dan Jones
We had the great pleasure of chatting with one of the coolest historians around, Dan Jones, about everything from his latest book, The Templars, to the role of historical fiction as an entry point to history, to "fake news" throughout... Read now
Arts & Culture
For Some Lucky Fans, Writing A Star Wars Novel Is A Dream Come True
We were wondering just how one can go from writing fan fiction to being a full-on contributor to the official Star Wars universe--some of the most well-known authors of Star Wars novels. Read now
Arts & Culture
When Should Writers Narrate Their Own Work?
It's one thing to be a gifted author, it's quite another to give life to those words in a way listeners will love. How often can an "authorrator" do both? Read now
Arts & Culture
Who Is This Dirk Maggs, And Why Does He Rule So Hard?
The colorful 'X-Files: Cold Cases' writer/director on adapting for audio well-loved works like 'Alien,' 'Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy,' and Neil Gaiman's novels. Read now
Arts & Culture
Escape From Our Echo Chambers Starts With Listening
Instead of seeing the people outside of our bubbles filtered through polarizing narratives, how can we learn to understand their perspectives and hear them -- in their own voices? Read now
Arts & Culture
The Informed Imagination Of Don Winslow
How the bestselling crime novelist continues to take on all sides of the narco-trafficking universe, from cartels to cops, with astonishing vividness and plausibility. Read now