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Dick Gregory’s Provocatively Titled Memoir Is Still Causing A Stir Decades Later
Legendary comedian and activist Dick Gregory made waves when his autobiography was first published in 1964 with its deliberately incendiary title. Audible is bringing it to audio for the first time and his son, Dr. Christian Gregory, shares why *that* word still carries so much weight and why his father’s message through activism endures. Read now
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Kiley Reid's 'Such A Fun Age' Is More Than Just Fun
Debut novelist Kiley Reid takes a fresh new look at racial and class tensions as she goes beyond the now-ubiquitous filmed scene of a Black person faced with a fraught confrontation. Listen in as she discusses all that went into her approach, including labor laws and hair stories. Read now
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2019's Featured Interviews
These 10 interviews capture the power and beauty of a one-on-one conversation with a favorite storyteller. Read now
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Robyn Crawford On Friendship And Love With Whitney Houston
After more than 30 years of silence, Robyn Crawford is speaking publicly about her lifelong relationship with Whitney Houston. Read now
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Ta-Nehisi Coates' 'The Water Dancer' Makes A Big Splash
Abby West interviews Ta-Nehisi Coates Read now
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Steve Burns Gives Us A Clue About 'Foreverywhere'
Steve Burns (Steve from Blue’s Clues!) talks about performing and co-creating a magical world with unicorns, monsters, an intergalactically powerful cosmic rock goddess princess, and riffs kids will love in his new Audible Original ‘Foreverywhere.’ Read now
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Carla Grauls' 'Life Ever After' Shows Relationships Will Always Matter More Than Tech
With her audio play Life Ever After, Carla Grauls set out to explore transhumanism and what it means to really be human as we use technology enhance/augment human intellect and physiology. Read now