Mitch Albom Gives the Pandemic a 'Human Touch'
The bestselling author found a way to use his special skills to help some of those most affected by COVID-19. His 8-week-long serialized story homes in on the thing we're all missing right now: human contact and connection. Read now
Our New Battle Cry is Samantha Irby’s 'Wow, No Thank You'
With the same edgy, unabashed, and spit-take funny wit that brought us 'We Are Never Meeting in Real Life' and 'Meaty,' Samantha Irby tackles approaching middle age, raising her stepkids in a small Midwestern town, and being okay with just being okay in her new collection of essays. Read now
Tips And Resources To Help With Working From Home
As more people are making arrangements to work from home, our partners on the Audible for Business team have collected a number of titles to help smooth the transition. They've got you covered on topics such as virtual collaboration, productivity, and communication. Read now
Arts & Culture
Lindy West Sounds The Alarm: 'The Witches Are Coming'
Author Lindy West is back on the scene with a cultural critique that is au courrant, tapping into the gender politics, regular politics, and social media landscape that dominate conversations today. Read now
Arts & Culture
New Multicast Performance of 'Dopamine' Is Set To Light Up Your Brain
Author Mikhail Voloshin and narrator Daniel Casper, the creative masterminds behind the sci-fi epic Dopamine, share how they collaborated on this new ACX adventure and learned so much along the way. Read now
Arts & Culture
Bassey Ikpi's New Memoir Tells The Truth About Bipolar Disorder And Anxiety
Writer, mental-health advocate, and ex-poet Bassey Ikpi uses her memoir 'I'm Telling the Truth, But I'm Lying' to dig into what it means to truthfully tell your story. Read now
Arts & Culture
Lauren Blakely Romances Her Way Into Your Heart
Best-selling romance author Lauren Blakely routinely delights fans with her prolific and innovative ways of bringing her books to life in audio, and there’s honestly nothing she’d rather do. Read now