Outlander's Best Love Scenes

The beloved romance series Outlander is adored by millions for its compelling characters and rich plot, but it’s also known for its steamy love scenes. Here are a few of our favorites.

If you think the Outlander television series on Starz is steamy, just wait until you listen to the novels written by Diana Gabaldon. While the show gives us plenty of sexy moments, especially between lead actors Caitronia Balfe and Sam Heughan, who have amazing chemistry, there are limitations with any televised romance.

First of all, there’s the matter of time. Gabaldon’s book series has thousands of pages—and for listeners, hundreds of hours—to develop the plot and characters while still having plenty of time for more intimate moments. Then, there’s the power of imagination, something familiar to any romance fan. The television show interprets scenes into specific visuals, but when you’re listening or reading, it’s up to you to visualize each moment.

It also doesn’t hurt that Gabaldon excels at writing some truly unforgettable love scenes. Whether you’re new to the series or are a longtime fan looking back at some of its steamiest moments, here are a few of the hottest sex scenes in the Outlander series.


Outlander Book 1: Outlander

Chapter 15: Revelations of the Bridal Chamber

This scene marks the beginning of the undeniable chemistry between Jamie and Claire, and it all starts with an arranged marriage. Dougal tells the newlyweds that they must consummate their union. It’s sweet and sexy, and there’s even a nice bit of comedic relief when Claire opens the door to their bedroom and the folks waiting outside congratulate Jamie on a job well done.

Chapter 23: Return to Leoch

In this chapter, a young maiden named Laoghaire has fallen in love with Jamie and is hurt to discover he’s married. Jealous and worried that Jamie has feelings for Laoghaire, Claire confronts Jamie and asks if he’s having an affair with her. In response, he gives Claire a new wedding ring, in addition to a physical reminder of his affections.

Chapter 41: From the Womb of the Earth

This is the iconic conclusion of the first Outlander novel. Claire and Jamie put on robes and go underneath the Abbey where there are warm mineral springs. And before long, the pair loses the robes. Afterward, Claire tells Jamie that she's pregnant, making this shared moment all the more meaningful.


Outlander Book 3: Voyager

Chapter 56: Turtle Soup

This is one of the sexiest scenes in the Outlander series, and a fan favorite because Gabaldon shows off her humor skills. In this chapter, Claire has had her arm slashed by a pirate's cutlass. She knows it's infected, and asks Jamie to give her a shot of penicillin. Jamie then brings her a bowl of turtle soup, and soon Claire finds herself drunk off of the sherry in the soup. She drunkenly seduces Jamie, making for a scene that is both hot and hilarious.


Outlander Book 5: The Fiery Cross

Chapter 49: In Vino Veritas

Who can say no to an Outlander sex scene that takes place in the stables? In the fifth book in the series, Claire is feeling stressed when she finds Jamie drunk and lustful. The couple makes their way out to the stables where they won’t be discovered, and Claire’s tension is promptly relieved.

Chapter 107: Zugunruhe

The title of this chapter refers to the uneasiness migratory animals feel before a long journey. And Claire is certainly feeling this restlessness. She wakes in the middle of the night in a cold sweat. Eventually, Jamie joins her, telling her he always wakes when she does. The evening air is so hot that Jamie can’t tell if Claire is crying or perspiring—either way, they’re about to make things a whole lot hotter.


Outlander Book 6: A Breath of Snow and Ashes

Chapter 16 - Le Mot Juste

Let's just get right to it, shall we? This chapter starts with Jamie and Claire reflecting on how excellent the sex they just had was. Then when Claire explains to Jamie that she'd just gone downstairs in nothing but her shift, Jamie starts to get all hot and bothered again. You can probably guess what happens next.

Chapter 66: The Dark Rises

Claire is recovering from an illness, although she's not quite sure how she got sick. Due to her weakened state, this is a much more tender sex scene from the Outlander books, compared to most of the passionate and heated moments highlighted here. But romantic moments like these are important, as they convey the deep affection that Jamie and Claire have for one another. As they both wake in the middle of the night and make love in the moonlight, Jamie sweetly tells Claire, "I missed ye, Sassenach." ("Sassenach" is Jamie's pet name for Claire; it literally means "English person.")


Outlander Book 7: An Echo in the Bone

Chapter 50: Exodus

This is another scene where tensions run high. Inhabitants of the fort are bracing themselves for an imminent attack from the British, and Claire is afraid that she or Jamie might not make it out alive. Claire is fixated on being with Jamie, focusing on how long it will be before they have another moment alone with one another. She seeks him out and tells him to come to the garden with her, and the couple makes excellent use of the seclusion.


Outlander Book 8: Written in My Own Heart's Blood

Chapter 24: Welcome Coolness in the Heat, Comfort in the Midst of Woe

At the beginning of this novel, Jamie is presumed dead, lost at sea, and Claire ends up marrying John Grey for her own protection. In this chapter, we finally get a reunion between Claire and Jamie. Of course, he's not happy that Claire has married another man, and he has a lot of questions about it. In true Claire and Jamie style, once they talk about their feelings and make their apologies, they’re drawn to one another. The two retreat to a nearby shed where they reacquaint themselves with one another's bodies, and after the long wait, this sex scene certainly satisfies.



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