There’s something memorable and compellingly nostalgic about the firsts in our lives—from our first schoolyard crush to our first brush with loss and grief to the nerve-wracking liberation of our first apartment, human beings cling to the these experiences as landmarks of journeys into the unknown, with all the novel emotions associated. And for the audio-obsessed among us, it’s all but impossible to forget another first: the first audiobook we’ve ever listened to.

Our editors have quite the impressive libraries, but where did it all begin? I’ve asked them to either think back to their own very first listen or the audiobook that took them from audio amateur to totally Audicted, all the while recommending accessible favorites for new listeners to find a starting point for themselves. From time travel to true crime to tech exposés, these are the listens that got us hooked—and a few of the very best audiobooks for first time listeners.

Kitchen Confidential
The Getaway
Razorblade Tears
The Time Traveler's Wife
Big Magic
Evil Has a Name
Eat, Pray, Love