Michael William AngelOh

Michael William AngelOh

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Our latest Book Publication: "THE SACRED^SUNDAY WORDS OF WISDOM JOURNAL" provides THE INSPIRATIONAL WORD FOR THE DAY for 365 days, a full year. This new Book publication offers Daily Inspiration and features what is called, "THE FRUITS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT" Quotations. It also features the author's "HAWAIIAN WORDS OF WISDOM" as well as "SACRED^SUNDAY'S SCRIPTURAL QUOTATIONS" for 365 days, a full year. They are presented as daily reminders or what may be called "THE INSPIRATIONAL WORD FOR THE DAY." Daily "WORD STONES" are also given to keep the reader's attention focused upon those Spiritual attributes in each Soul's consciousness that may be reflected upon each day of ordinary time for each individual Soul's lifetime journey. The "WORDS OF WISDOM JOURNAL" begins on a Sunday with Day 1 and ends on a Sunday with Day 365. My sincere desire is that each Quotation for each day of whatever year you happen to be reading this Book in will warm your Heart and illuminate your mind and Soul having a human experience on a daily basis.

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Introducing my new Book Biography: "A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A SOUL"
(The Lifetime Diary Biography of an Earth Citizen)
"What started out as a testimony to the Spiritual evolution of a Soul transformed into the Spiritual Biography of a Soul as an Earth Citizen. Recorded from the author's own Personal Diary Recollections this Book promises to bring more Light and meaning to the daily experiences in every Soul's existence and journey while on earth..."

All Stories recorded in this Book are based on my own Personal Recollections of the events and experiences that have occurred during my Lifetime. This Manuscript also chronicles my four NDE (Near Death Experiences) and multiple OBE's (Out of the Body Experiences). These Stories have been excerpted from the writings recorded in my own personal and Private Diaries. These Stories include many of the Event and Relationship Experiences I was so very blessed to share during my Life which are posted up to the current date of the Publication. Although the Stories presented herein may not appear to have overt Spiritual Significance, they each have had a direct impact, on the growth and evolution of my Soul. This Luminous Growth has come about as a direct result of engaging in each and every human and animal Relationship I have described throughout the years of my Life. All of the Relationships and Experiences written about here presented their own dynamic "Life Lessons" which have been a mighty blessing to me to this very day. I have called such experiences "Love Lessons," in the "School of Life" living here upon the earth. I am also most thankful then that I have often been reminded along my journey in this Life, that we are not human beings having a Spiritual Experience but, "Spiritual Beings as Souls, having a human experience..."
My Heart's Desire then would be that many, some, or even one of these Stories in my new Book, "A Day in the Life of a Soul" might, open your Heart and Bless your Soul accordingly...

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"My NDE beneath the SEA" (2nd Printing: Newly Revised Edition) My last day on earth... Is there Life after Death..?
For most of recorded history, people from all places across our little blue planet have asked the question; "What will happen to me when I die..?" This Book reveals the published manuscripts, of my drowning episode, or NDE (Near Death Experience) on August 28, 1966, in Santa Cruz California, which just happens to be on a Sunday, the same day it occurred, exactly fifty years ago, to the day. If you've ever wondered what your last day on earth might be like, then read on my friend. My name is Michael William AngelOh, and this is my own true, and personal, NDE story, which has been transcribed directly from my own Personal Diaries, which I have entitled; "My NDE beneath the SEA".

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Michael William AngelOh lives on the Northshore of Oahu, Hawaii and has lived in the Hawaiian Islands for some thirty-five years. Michael taught Yoga, Meditation, Acupressure Massage and classes in the Healing Arts for some ten years in the Bay Area of California. This will be Michael's first Internationally distributed publication on the subject of his: Near Death Experience or NDE, celebrating it's 50th Anniversary, to the day.

Michael has also produced his first domestic digital Music Album release under the new Music genre he has coined as: "Devotional Fusion Music". His latest Music Album entitled: "Sacred Hearts Afire", is his first new CD Album production in some twenty years. Currently posted as #2 on the Inspirational Music Charts, it features Songs written and adapted from classic Biblical Scriptures including the title track: "The Lord's Prayer". These days Michael lives with his beloved wife, Suzanna AngelOh, publishes his weekly "Hawaiian Words of Wisdom" and "Sacred Sunday Words of Wisdom", on Social Media and writes somewhat seclusively about Hawaiian Island Life, Christian Mysticism, Spiritual Ascension and the Global Healing Arts.
Mahalo nui loa, Thank you kindly...
Ke Akua me ke Aloha, May God Bless You...

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