Laura Greenwood

Laura Greenwood

Laura is a USA Today Bestselling Author of paranormal, fantasy, and urban fantasy romance (though she can occasionally be found writing contemporary romance). When she's not writing, she drinks a lot of tea, tries to resist French macarons, and works towards a diploma in Egyptology. She lives in the UK, where most of her books are set. You can check out Laura's Website here: Join her mailing list here: Or join her Facebook Group: For a full book list, please see here: For a full audio list, please see here: Happy Reading! City Of Blood 1. Drop Of Blood (Coming July) 2. Drought Of Blood (Coming October) 3. Dawn Of Blood (Coming December) - Blood Payment (Short Story Prequel) Grimm Academy 1. Spindles And Spells 2. Pumpkins And Proms 3. Huntsmen And Hoods (Coming July) 4. Mirrors And Magic (Coming August) 5. Lamps And Lies (Coming September) 6. Frosts And Fears (Coming December)) Grimalkin Academy: Stakes 1. No Stakes Allowed (also in audio) 2. Stakes Are Raised (Coming July) 3. Highest Of Stakes (Coming September) Sabre Woods Academy 1. Tiger Crown (Coming April) 2. Tiger Throne (Coming June 2021) 3. Tiger Queen (Coming August 2021) Fate Of The Crown Duology 1. The Almost Queen (Coming August) 2. The Rightful King (Coming October) The Dragon Duels 1. Stoking The Embers (Coming December) 2. Igniting The Coals (Coming February) 3. Forging The Blaze (Coming April) The Queen Of Gods 1. Quest of the Goddess 2. Trust of the Goddess (Coming August) 3. Heart of the Goddess (Coming November) The Harpy Bounty Hunter 1. Harpy's Mission (Coming January) 2. Harpy's Escape (Coming March) 3. Harpy's Freedom (Coming May) The Necromancer Council 1. Wake The Dead (Coming March) 2. Curse The Dead (Coming May) 3. Defy The Dead (Coming July 2021) - Blood and Deceit (prequel, also in audio) Once Upon An Academy 1. Tower Of Thorns 2. Lilies Of Loss 3. Glints Of Gold (Coming November) 4. Song Of Seas (Coming February) 5. Roses Of Regret (Coming 2021) 6. Feathers Of Fate (Coming 2021) The Black Fan - Bite Of The Past (Coming September) - First Bite (Bite Of The Past Prequel) The Shadow Seer Association 1. Shadow Seer (Coming June 2021) 2. Shadow Prophet (Coming August 2021) 3. Shadow Oracle (Coming October 2021) The Ashryn Barker Trilogy (Complete Series) 1. Shattered Illusions (also in audio) 2. Broken Illusions (also in audio) 3. Tarnished Illusions (also in audio) - Boxed Set: Ashryn Barker (also in audio) Grimalkin Academy: Kittens (Complete Series) 1. First Time's A Charm (also in audio) 2. Second Time's A Curse 3. Third Time's A Crime 4. Fourth Time's A Cure 5. Fifth Time's A Crisis - Curses Start Somewhere (prequel) Grimalkin Academy: Catacombs (Complete Series) 1. Catching A Vampire (also in audio) 2. Catching A Wizard (also in audio) 3. Catching A Warlock - Boxed Set: Grimalkin Academy: Catacombs The Fae Queen Of Winter 1. Saving Eira (also in audio) 2. Reigning Eira 3. Calling Eira (Coming November) - Frost's Forfeit (prequel, also in audio) Return Of The Fae (Complete Series) 1. Fall Of Hope (also in audio) 2. Rise Of Night (also in audio) 3. Dawn Of Pain (also in audio) 4. Sight Of Change Paranormal Criminal Investigations 1. Spell Caster (also in audio) 2. Spell Tamer (Coming January) 3. Spell Wielder (Coming July 2021) Untold Tales 1. Balanced Scales (also in audio) 2. Golden Wings 3. Poisoned Fate (also in audio, Coming July) 4. Braids Of Silver 5. Tainted Ashes (Coming August) 6. Fractured Core (also in audio, Coming October) MatchMater Paranormal Dating App (Complete Series) 1. Reluctant Dragon Mate (also in audio) 2. Bewitched Incubus Mate (also in audio) 3. Forbidden Vampire Mate The Paranormal Council Series (Complete Series) 1. The Dryad's Pawprint (also in audio) 2. The Vixen's Bark (also in audio) 3. The Necromancer's Prey (also in audio) 4. The Vampire's Bite (also in audio) 5. The Witch's Stripes (also in audio) - Boxed Set: The Paranormal Council Spring Fae Duology 1. Chasing Aledwen (also in audio) 2. Rising Aledwen (Coming September 2021) Thornheart Coven 1. Witch's Potion (also in audio) 2. Witch's Spark (also in audio) 3. Witch's Web (Coming Soon) Standalones in the Paranormal Council Universe - Stories From the Paranormal Council Universe - Death's Choice - A Touch of Necromancy (boxed set) ME 1. Sweet About Me (also in audio) 2. Kneel For Me (also in audio) 3. Heard From Me (also in audio) 4. Laid By Me 5. Dance With Me (also in audio) 6. Hustle With Me (also in audio) - ME Collection Vol. 1 Forgotten Gods (Complete Series) 1. Protectors of Poison (also in audio) 2. Daughter of the Sun (also in audio) 3. Servant of Chaos (also in audio) - Priestess of Truth (short story) - Forgotten Gods Boxed Set Standalones - Glass Heart (also in audio) - Permission To Breathe Denied (previously titled Hidden, also in audio) - Reaper (also in audio) - Rats: Tori (also in audio) Renegade Dragons, co-written with Arizona Tape (Complete Series) 1. Fifth Soul (also in audio) 2. Fifth Round (also in audio) 3. Fifth Flame (also in audio) - Boxed Set: Renegade Dragons (also in audio) The Vampire Detective, co-written with Arizona Tape (Complete Series) 1. Fangs For Nothing (also in audio) 2. What The Fangs (also in audio) 3. Fangs For All Amethyst's Wand Shop Mysteries, co-written with Arizona Tape 1. Hexes and Vexes (Coming September) Twin Souls Trilogy, co-written with Arizona Tape (Complete Series) 1. Soulswap (also in audio) 2. Soulshift (also in audio) 3. Soultrade (also in audio) - Boxed Set: Twin Souls Trilogy (also in audio) Dragon Soul, co-written with Arizona Tape (Complete Series) 1. Bound Soul 2. Half Soul 3. Torn Soul (also in audio) Seven Wardens, co-written with Skye MacKinnon (Complete Series) 1. From the Deeps (also in audio) 2. Into the Mists (also in audio) 3. Beneath the Earth 4. Within the Flames 5. Above the Waves 6. Under the Ice 7. Rule the Dark - Beyond the Loch (prequel) - Through the Storms (1.5) - Below the Baubles (5.5) - Inside The Egg (7.5) - Boxed Set: Seven Wardens Books 1-4 - Boxed Set: Seven Wardens Books 5-7 Valentine Pride, co-written with L.A. Boruff (Complete Series) 1. Unicorn Mates 2. Unicorn Luck 3. Unicorn Truth - Boxed Set: Valentine Pride Magic and Metaphysics Academy, co-written with L.A. Boruff (Complete Series) 1. Magical Mischief 2. Magical Mistake 3. Magical Misfit Mountain Shifters Standalones, co-written with L.A. Boruff - The Platypus And Her Wolves - Wolf Tears (in the Once Upon A Fairy Tale Night anthology) The Firehouse Feline, co-written with Lacey Carter Andersen & L.A. Boruff (Complete Series) 1. Feline The Heat 2. Feline The Flames 3. Feline The Burn 4. Feline The Pressure Kingdom Of Fairytales Snow White, co-written with J.A. Armitage 1. Queen Of Reflections (Coming October) 2. Heiress Of Mirrors (Coming October) 3. Throne Of Wands (Coming October) 4. Goddess Of Magic (Coming October) Standalones - Goddess Of Virtue, co-written with L.A. Boruff - Ocean's Serenade, co-written with J&L Wells

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