Alex Kershaw

Alex Kershaw

Alex Kershaw is a journalist and New York Times best-selling author of books about WWII, including The Liberator, The Longest Winter, Blood and Champagne and The Bedford Boys. His latest book, The First Wave, is published on 14 May 2019. Please visit for more information. You can also catch up with him and his work on Facebook - BattlesofWW2; Instagram - AlexKershawAuthor; and Twitter - Kershaw_Alex He blogs at PRAISE FOR THE FIRST WAVE “[A] fast paced tale… Kershaw is at his evocative best describing the chaos, courage, and carnage of combat, vividly portraying the bravery of the ‘greatest generation.’ Even readers well-read on the subject will enjoy this perspective.”—Publishers Weekly “A masterful retelling of the most dramatic day of World War II—the Allied landings on the beaches of France. In Alex Kershaw’s expert hands, readers will feel the sting of the cold surf, smell the acrid cordite that hung in the air, and duck the zing of machine gun bullets whizzing overhead. The First Wave is an absolute triumph.”—James M. Scott, Pulitzer Prize Finalist and national bestselling author of Target Tokyo and Rampage “Master storyteller Alex Kershaw brings the key Allied players of D-Day to life once more. He vividly portrays their exploits—Rangers at Pointe du Hoc, French Commandos at Ouistreham, American paratroopers on the Cotentin, and assault troops who hit the Normandy beaches. These pages ooze with the unforgettable human drama of history’s most consequential invasion. Read them and you might even feel as though you were there.”—John C. McManus, author of The Dead and Those About to Die: D-Day—The Big Red One at Omaha Beach “Meet the assaulters: Pathfinders plunging from the black, coxswains plowing the whitecaps, bareknuckle Rangers scaling sheer rock. Will they secure the landing zone? Wrest the beachhead? Or will that last bridge blow up in their faces? Even if we know how D-Day ends, The First Wave grips with all the power of a first read. Fast-paced and up-close, this is history’s greatest story reinvigorated as only Alex Kershaw can.”—Adam Makos, New York Times bestselling author of Spearhead and A Higher Call “Alex Kershaw brilliantly brings a new perspective to one of the seminal events of WWII. The First Wave is an awe-inspiring and important book that portrays the blood on the risers, from Captain Frank Lillyman’s airborne pathfinders to Lieutenant George Kerchner’s Rangers and their remarkable assault on the cliffs of Pointe Du Hoc. The sights, sounds, and fury of D-Day are vividly captured in Kershaw’s virtuoso narrative.”—Patrick K. O’Donnell, author of The Unknowns: The Untold Story of America’s Unknown Soldier and WWI’s Most Decorated Who Brought Him Home “The First Wave is Alex Kershaw’s stirring tribute to the warriors who successfully carried out the largest and most difficult military operations in history 75 years ago. One of the US First Infantry Division NCO’s who survived that desperate day in Normandy later said, ‘You can’t buy valor and you can’t pull heroes off an assembly line.’ Kershaw’s superb account of D-Day and beyond is the story of their amazing courage under fire and how men ranging from a lord of the realm to the humble son of a president answered the call and began the liberation of occupied Europe from Nazi tyranny.”—Carlo D’Este, author of Decision in Normandy and Patton: A Genius for War

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Best Sellers

    • The D-Day Warriors Who Led the Way to Victory in World War II
    • By: Alex Kershaw
    • Narrated by: Paul Michael
    • Length: 8 hrs and 39 mins
    • Release date: 05-14-19
    • Language: English
    • 4.5 out of 5 stars 241 ratings

    Regular price: $28.00

    • One World War II Soldier's 500-Day Odyssey from the Beaches of Sicily to the Gates of Dachau
    • By: Alex Kershaw
    • Narrated by: Fred Sanders
    • Length: 11 hrs and 2 mins
    • Release date: 10-30-12
    • Language: English
    • 4.5 out of 5 stars 788 ratings

    Regular price: $31.95

    • The Battle of the Bulge and the Epic Story of World War II's Most Decorated Platoon
    • By: Alex Kershaw
    • Narrated by: Grover Gardner
    • Length: 9 hrs and 42 mins
    • Release date: 05-25-18
    • Language: English
    • 4.5 out of 5 stars 128 ratings

    Regular price: $24.95

  • Regular price: $24.95

    • A True Story of Terror, Espionage, and One American Family's Heroic Resistance in Nazi-Occupied Paris
    • By: Alex Kershaw
    • Narrated by: Mark Deakins
    • Length: 7 hrs and 14 mins
    • Release date: 08-04-15
    • Language: English
    • 4.5 out of 5 stars 217 ratings

    Regular price: $27.95

    • The Epic Rescue of the Last Jews of Europe in the Desperate Closing Months of World War II
    • By: Alex Kershaw
    • Narrated by: George Guidall
    • Length: 7 hrs and 30 mins
    • Release date: 10-14-10
    • Language: English
    • 4.5 out of 5 stars 114 ratings

    Regular price: $19.95

    • The American "Knights of the Air" Who Risked Everything to Fight in the Battle of Britain
    • By: Alex Kershaw
    • Narrated by: Scott Brick
    • Length: 8 hrs and 59 mins
    • Release date: 10-16-08
    • Language: English
    • 4.5 out of 5 stars 247 ratings

    Regular price: $24.47

    • The Epic Story of a Legenday Submarine and Her Courageous Crew
    • By: Alex Kershaw
    • Narrated by: Richard Poe
    • Length: 6 hrs and 1 min
    • Release date: 10-23-08
    • Language: English
    • 4.5 out of 5 stars 118 ratings

    Regular price: $26.43

    • Die Geschichte eines amerikanischen Soldaten im Zweiten Weltkrieg
    • By: Alex Kershaw
    • Narrated by: Torsten Münchow
    • Length: 12 hrs and 49 mins
    • Release date: 03-31-15
    • Language: German
    • 4.5 out of 5 stars 3 ratings

    Regular price: $12.49

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