Pyforial Mage Trilogy

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Fire Games Publisher's Summary

Neeko's quiet evening is interrupted when a fire-mage of the king's army comes to his door demanding hospitality for the night. She says war is beginning, but this becomes the least of Neeko's concerns when an altercation erupts between his drunken father and the fire-mage, resulting in his home burned to the ground with his father buried beneath the rubble.

His only justice? A redemption scroll - payment for damages if Neeko can bring it to the king's master of coin in the capital before it expires. With the war of two kingdoms clashing amid towns, the trek will be perilous, but having a hidden talent for magic, Neeko's not deterred. Especially so when he learns his recently acquired companion, possessing her own redemption scroll, knows the land better than anyone. She may have a few oddities, like singing her thoughts and stashing weapons in occupied graves, but Neeko would put up with worse to get to the capital in time.

Now if only Neeko knew what really awaited at the capital.

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    • Fire Games

    • Pyforial Mage Trilogy, Book 1
    • By: B.T. Narro
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