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  • Your Deceptive Mind: A Scientific Guide to Critical Thinking Skills |  The Great Courses

    Your Deceptive Mind: A Scientific Guide to Critical Thinking Skills

    • ORIGINAL (12 hrs and 39 mins)
    • By The Great Courses
    • Narrated By Professor Steven Novella

    No skill is more important in today's world than being able to think about, understand, and act on information in an effective and responsible way. What's more, at no point in human history have we had access to so much information, with such relative ease, as we do in the 21st century. But because misinformation out there has increased as well, critical thinking is more important than ever. These 24 rewarding lectures equip you with the knowledge and techniques you need to become a savvier, sharper critical thinker in your professional and personal life.

    Same Material Different Title

    Yes, I would try another book from The Great Courses but "No" I would not listen to another book by Professor Steven Novella. This is the 2nd Great C..Show More »

    Reviewed on September 21 2014 by Amazon Customer ()
  • Skepticism 101: How to Think like a Scientist |  The Great Courses, Michael Shermer

    Skepticism 101: How to Think like a Scientist

    • ORIGINAL (9 hrs and 10 mins)
    • By The Great Courses, Michael Shermer
    • Narrated By Professor Michael Shermer

    Despite our best efforts, we're all vulnerable to believing things without using logic or having proper evidence—and it doesn't matter how educated or well read we are.

    Not just for Scientists

    Excellent review of how science knows how things work, and the limitations of the scientific method.

    Reviewed on October 18 2016 by RLH88 ()
  • Effective Communication Skills |  The Great Courses

    Effective Communication Skills

    • ORIGINAL (11 hrs and 56 mins)
    • By The Great Courses
    • Narrated By Professor Dalton Kehoe

    From asking a waiter for an unusual substitution to urging a service manager to get your car finished sooner to swaying your significant other toward a particular film or show, many of the decisions you make are decided by talking. And no matter why you engage in face-to-face talk, there's no way to insulate yourself from the dangers of miscommunication. These 24 mind-opening lectures are your chance to learn more about how you communicate verbally, the common problems you can encounter in doing so, and how you can improve your own effectiveness.

    Not the best Great Course

    The Professor provides a lot of background and detail on communications, but I was left a little disappointed. The entire trust of his presentation i..Show More »

    Reviewed on March 31 2014 by Jon Crawfurd (ST PETERSBURG, FL USA)
  • The Art of Public Speaking: Lessons from the Greatest Speeches in History |  The Great Courses, John R. Hale

    The Art of Public Speaking: Lessons from the Greatest Speeches in History

    • ORIGINAL (6 hrs and 15 mins)
    • By The Great Courses, John R. Hale
    • Narrated By Professor John R. Hale

    Being a great public speaker can put you on the pathway to success, whether you're looking to teach, inform, persuade, or defend an idea. Yet many of us live in fear of public speaking. As you'll learn in these 12 invaluable lectures, all it takes is confidence, practice, and the knowledge of techniques and strategies used by history's greatest public speakers. Whether you want to finally become the confident public speaker you've always wanted to be or are just looking for fresh advice on how to strengthen your skills, this inspiring course is packed with practical advice.

    Brilliant! Learn from history's success stories.

    Listen, Learn, Apply

    Reviewed on June 16 2014 by Ron W. (Michigan)
  • The Art of Conflict Management: Achieving Solutions for Life, Work, and Beyond |  The Great Courses

    The Art of Conflict Management: Achieving Solutions for Life, Work, and Beyond

    • ORIGINAL (12 hrs and 20 mins)
    • By The Great Courses
    • Narrated By Professor Michael Dues

    In 24 lectures brimming with practical tips, tools, and techniques everyone can use to better manage conflict in his or her professional and personal lives, gain the essential skills of conflict management. As presented by Professor Dues, these lectures will show you how to effectively deal with conflicts of all kinds, using the "win-win" model that has dominated the field for the past six decades.

    Super practical, well crafted

    This is very well organized with each chapter taking on another aspect of conflict management, from interpersonal conflict with loved ones, cohort con..Show More »

    Reviewed on January 02 2017 by Tintin (Chicago IL)
  • The Art of Storytelling: From Parents to Professionals |  The Great Courses

    The Art of Storytelling: From Parents to Professionals

    • ORIGINAL (12 hrs and 29 mins)
    • By The Great Courses
    • Narrated By Professor Hannah B. Harvey

    An absolute treat for the heart and mind, these 24 lectures demonstrate how to master the art of storytelling, offering insight into the process of crafting and delivering a tale to enhancing the stories you tell everyday-to your children at bedtime, in your conversational anecdotes, and in your presentations at work. Teachers, lawyers, clergy, coaches, parents, and anyone who wants to understand the power of stories to capture hearts and minds will benefit from these lessons.

    Ca'mon Bad Reviews! This course is amazing!

    I was skeptical about this because of some of the negative reviews - people saying everything from there were "too many stories" to "I rec..Show More »

    Reviewed on June 06 2016 by Thomas Meli (NY, USA)
  • How Conversation Works: 6 Lessons for Better Communication |  The Great Courses

    How Conversation Works: 6 Lessons for Better Communication

    • ORIGINAL (3 hrs and 8 mins)
    • By The Great Courses
    • Narrated By Professor Anne Curzan

    Regardless of age or occupation, conversation can be tricky. But like it or not, it's one of the most important things you do on a daily basis. Successful conversations help you advance professionally and make, maintain, and deepen relationships. Moreover, research shows that talking, when done on a substantive level, is correlated with a feeling of happiness and general well-being.In just six lectures, Professor Curzan teaches you key strategies that can dramatically improve your ability to converse with anyone, from strangers to supervisors.

    Petty content, awful delivery

    If you are older than 14 this book doesn't have anything to teach you and the delivery is so monotonic and boring that I use it as sleeping aid, no ki..Show More »

    Reviewed on October 06 2017 by Kamran Shafiei (Washington DC Metro, United States)
  • Strategic Thinking Skills |  The Great Courses

    Strategic Thinking Skills

    • ORIGINAL (12 hrs and 6 mins)
    • By The Great Courses
    • Narrated By Professor Stanley K. Ridgley

    Start making savvier decisions and outsmart your competitors with greater confidence and ease with this simple and comprehensive guide to the skills, tactics, techniques, tools, case studies, and lessons behind strategic thinking. Professor Ridgley has crafted these 24 lectures as an accessible way to engage with thinking that will help you think-and act-more strategically in business and in your own life, whether you're the CEO of a Fortune 500 company or you're preparing to embark on a new career path.

    Great overview - good for the everyday & busines

    While I wish there was more in depth exercises to work with, the skills outlined in this audio book come with their historical and business origins as..Show More »

    Reviewed on January 22 2015 by G. Norman (San Francisco, CA)
  • The Creative Thinker's Toolkit |  The Great Courses, Gerard Puccio

    The Creative Thinker's Toolkit

    • ORIGINAL (12 hrs and 20 mins)
    • By The Great Courses, Gerard Puccio
    • Narrated By Professor Gerard Puccio

    According to the latest scientific research, anyone can be creative. You just have to know how to think creatively, which involves taking a more imaginative approach to the challenges we all face. Learn how to wield the same research-based tools that today's creative people use and tap into your inner creative thinker with Professor Puccio's engaging 24-lecture series that takes you step-by-step through the creative-thinking process.

    Amazing Read.

    Yes i would. There was a lot of good material covered in making creativity a strategic habit and not just something you stumble upon in this book, so..Show More »

    Reviewed on February 03 2015 by Daniel Wright (Phoenix, Arizona)
  • Influence: Mastering Life's Most Powerful Skill |  The Great Courses

    Influence: Mastering Life's Most Powerful Skill

    • ORIGINAL (6 hrs and 11 mins)
    • By The Great Courses
    • Narrated By Professor Kenneth G. Brown

    Don't just let influence just happen to you. Instead, take charge of your life by grasping the science behind how influence works and by strengthening your own skills at using it to your advantage. In this dynamic 12-lecture series, you'll discover how to tap into the hidden powers of influence - and use these powers to enhance your life in ways you never thought possible. Using clear and accessible language, Professor Brown teaches you how and why influence works.

    practical lessons backed up with research

    I've listened to another 'The Great Courses' book, and this one actually took me in. It was EASY to listen to, which is important for this kind of non..Show More »

    Reviewed on March 21 2017 by david ()
  • The Art of Negotiating the Best Deal |  The Great Courses

    The Art of Negotiating the Best Deal

    • ORIGINAL (12 hrs and 45 mins)
    • By The Great Courses
    • Narrated By Professor Seth Freeman

    The course is organized around a mnemonic device, developed by Professor Freeman, that can serve in any negotiation situation. Called "I FORESAW IT," this indispensable framework guides you in assembling the strongest possible case, showing you how to evaluate such factors as creative options, independent criteria, and your best alternative to a negotiated agreement.

    Negotiating Through Everyday Live

    A person might think this if for business people learning how to manipulate others into buying their product. They would be wrong. Actually this cours..Show More »

    Reviewed on January 12 2015 by Bror Erickson (Farmington New Mexico)
  • How Ideas Spread |  The Great Courses, Jonah Berger

    How Ideas Spread

    • ORIGINAL (5 hrs and 53 mins)
    • By The Great Courses, Jonah Berger
    • Narrated By Professor Jonah Berger

    What makes one novel a bestseller, while a similar work languishes unnoticed? Why are the same few baby names suddenly everywhere? Why is everyone talking about that viral video? Welcome to the science of social epidemics: the cutting-edge study of why some ideas, products, and concepts spread wildly, while others quickly flame out. Anyone who has something to sell, a cause to promote, or a message to spread knows that there are obstacles in creating a message that resonates, spreads, and sticks to make their product or idea the word on the street. Enormous sums of time and money have been spent trying to answer the question of why some ideas catch on. And not only is it an ever-present challenge for businesses, governments, and organizations, but it has long been a source of inquiry for psychologists, economists, and sociologists as well.

    Great informative content at the cost of a few ads

    Berger delivers great readily actionable knowledge based on social psychology and other studies and the only problem with the exposition is that some ..Show More »

    Reviewed on March 30 2015 by Fabrizio ()
  • The Entrepreneur's Toolkit |  The Great Courses

    The Entrepreneur's Toolkit

    • ORIGINAL (12 hrs and 39 mins)
    • By The Great Courses
    • Narrated By Professor Michael Goldsby

    This course teaches you how to be an entrepreneur and how to think like one - skills that are essential whether you are starting a business, expanding an existing business, boosting your career as an employee, pursuing a social cause, or seeking to increase your impact as a teacher, coach, minister, or other professional. Packed with fascinating lessons from legendary entrepreneurs such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, and Henry Ford, these 24 lectures are entertaining as well as practical.

    Smart first half, lacking and slow in the second.

    If not for the ability to speed the audio up 2x speed, I don't think I would have been able to put up with the reader's many awkward pauses and slow p..Show More »

    Reviewed on May 13 2015 by Florin (Seattle)
  • Building a Better Vocabulary |  The Great Courses

    Building a Better Vocabulary

    • ORIGINAL (18 hrs and 48 mins)
    • By The Great Courses
    • Narrated By Professor Kevin Flanigan

    Building a Better Vocabulary offers an intriguing look at the nuts and bolts of English, teaches you the etymology and morphology - or the history and structure - of words, and delves into the cognitive science behind committing new words to long-term memory. By the end of the 36 enjoyable lectures, you will have a practical framework for continuing to build your vocabulary by discovering new words and fully mastering the nuances of familiar ones.

    Engaging and Memorable, Highly Recommended

    I really enjoyed this course. I have listened to many Great Courses and this is so far one of my favourites. I have also been working on my vocabulary..Show More »

    Reviewed on March 06 2015 by Pru (Sydney, Australia)
  • Critical Business Skills for Success |  The Great Courses

    Critical Business Skills for Success

    • ORIGINAL (31 hrs and 23 mins)
    • By The Great Courses
    • Narrated By Professor Clinton O. Longenecker, PhD, Professor Eric Sussman, MBA, Professor Michael A. Roberto, DBA, and others

    What does it take to reach success in business - the kind of success that lasts? How do you set yourself apart from competitors or venture out into different markets? What does it take to develop streamlined processes, become a stronger team leader, and work your way up the corporate ladder?

    Epic! It's like a complete 1st year MBA Curriculum

    This is the audio version of The Great Courses series, an epic series taught by five world class professors. You get the entire series here as one aud..Show More »

    Reviewed on May 22 2015 by Quaker (United States)
  • How the World Learns: Comparative Educational Systems |  The Great Courses

    How the World Learns: Comparative Educational Systems

    • ORIGINAL (12 hrs and 25 mins)
    • By The Great Courses
    • Narrated By Professor Alexander W. Wiseman

    America's blueprint for mass education has been followed across the globe - yet international student assessments show that achievement varies sharply, with the US and much of Europe typically scoring average at best. Not surprisingly, this state of affairs has sparked anxieties about an educational crisis. The problem, if there is one, is highly complex, and in these 24 thought-provoking lectures led by an associate professor of comparative and international education, you'll take a meaningful look at education around the world to understand why.

    A book I thoroughly enjoyed litening to
    Reviewed on August 26 2015 by Hadi (Saudi Arabia)
  • The Surveillance State: Big Data, Freedom, and You |  The Great Courses

    The Surveillance State: Big Data, Freedom, and You

    • ORIGINAL (12 hrs and 7 mins)
    • By The Great Courses
    • Narrated By Professor Paul Rosenzweig

    A man shoots down a drone that is flying over his private property. A retail store uses predictive data analytics to send pregnancy-related advertising to a teenager who has not told her parents about her condition. A police officer places a GPS device on a suspected criminal's car to follow him and build a case against him. The news is full of such stories, in which new technologies lead to dilemmas that could not have been imagined just a few decades ago.

    Nine tenths of the way to an idea.

    This course is indispensable to anyone who has a phone or uses the internet. We need to understand the ways in which the government and private compan..Show More »

    Reviewed on June 11 2016 by Tristan ()
  • Understanding Nonverbal Communication |  The Great Courses

    Understanding Nonverbal Communication

    • ORIGINAL (6 hrs and 8 mins)
    • By The Great Courses
    • Narrated By Professor Mark G. Frank

    In Understanding Nonverbal Communication, you'll discover that nonverbal communication is less intentional and harder to control than the words you choose to speak. Because you are less aware of it than you are of your words, it provides better clues to what you are feeling and thinking.

    More of an ad for the personal courses

    This course really seemed more like a teaser for the teacher's live business consulting courses which were plugged regularly. Very little new informat..Show More »

    Reviewed on December 13 2016 by Dan Hatch ()
  • The Art of Debate |  The Great Courses

    The Art of Debate

    • ORIGINAL (11 hrs and 42 mins)
    • By The Great Courses
    • Narrated By Professor Jarrod Atchison

    If you're like many people, you might associate debate with a school club, or perhaps a TV political debate that features two or more candidates talking over each other. But if these are your only associations with debating, you're missing out on an intellectual pursuit that can help you in all aspects of your daily life. The ability to debate - to present persuasive arguments, pierce the logic of others, and turn the tables against withering cross-examinations - is one of the truest tests of one's intellectual capacity.

    Great Introduction

    Great introduction to formal debate. I have no experience with debate other than what I've seen on TV and this book definitely gives a nice overview o..Show More »

    Reviewed on April 10 2017 by Brandon Smith (Austin, TX)
  • Law School for Everyone |  The Great Courses

    Law School for Everyone

    • ORIGINAL (25 hrs and 17 mins)
    • By The Great Courses
    • Narrated By Professor Edward K. Cheng JD, Professor Joseph L. Hoffmann JD, Professor Molly Bishop Shadel JD, and others

    Over the span of 48 lectures, four experienced lawyers and teachers recreate key parts of the first-year law student experience, introducing you to main areas of law most every beginning student studies. Enriched with famous cases from the annals of American law and powerful arguments by some of history's most successful lawyers, these lectures offer access to an often intimidating, surprisingly accessible, and civically important field.

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