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Wicca Starter Kit 1: 3 Books in 1 Publisher's summary

You’re about to learn about wicca magic, how it works and how you can turn your life around with it in an instant!

Have you secretly been desiring to learn more about Wiccan witchcraft practices after hearing about it or reading about it somewhere? Maybe you’ve always wanted to delve into the mysterious world of witchcraft to understand how it works, why so many people are becoming witches, and perhaps also how you can practice it to change your life positively?

Or maybe strange things have been happening around you and you now want to get a better understanding of why they’re happening, the difference of black and white magic, when and how witches cast spells to get to the bottom of it and protect yourself...

If you are silently saying,” Yes, that’s me - that’s what I want” then keep reading...

Have you been yearning to learn how witches use crystals, herbs, candles, wands, the moon, cards to cast spells and change fortunes, predict the future and develop a better meaning and reason for living?

Are you ready to utilize these practices to increase your wisdom, intuition, luck, inner peace, wealth, protection and so many other factors that are not ordinarily easily achievable?

If so, you’re in the right place.

This three-in-one book is here to ensure you fully understand Wicca and start practicing Magic and casting spells as soon as your time allows.

Even if you’ve been asking yourself:

Is witchcraft satanic?

How can I learn it in simple steps?

What do I need to perform a love or money spell?

How are crystals and herbs used for magic?

And other similar questions, this beginner book has your back, and is ready to give you all the knowledge and insight you require to get there - so keep reading.

Here’s what you can expect to find in this book:

  • The history, traditions and forms of Wicca
  • Why learning Wicca is to your advantage
  • Wicca’s philosophies and mindsets that you need to have
  • Wicca’s festivals and holidays
  • Wiccan deities, including the god and goddess
  • How to set up an altar
  • The link between Wicca and meditation, tarot and astrology
  • The ins and outs of the Wiccan covens, circles and solitary clinic
  • A comprehensive background to Wicca herbs, oils and crystals
  • The basic steps on how to cast any spell
  • The difference between black and white magic
  • Lunar phases and how to harness them to cast spells
  • How and why to cast a circle before a spell
  • How to go about candle magic
  • How to ground and center yourself for your work
  • The ins and outs of sabbat in Wicca, including rituals for every sabbat
  • An insider look into the concept of crystal magic
  • How timing can influence your spells
  • Examples of spells that you can cast and how to cast them
  • History of candle magic
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    • Wicca Starter Kit 1: 3 Books in 1

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