Water Nymph Gospels

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Fate Accompli Publisher's Summary

Fate had one job. And she bungled it...badly. 

Now only a cursed hatter and a tormented water nymph can fix the damage. 

Tuscany, 1603

Andolosia Petasos dreams of being the next Da Vinci. Only Fate has cursed him to make hats.

It’s not Andolosia’s fault. After all, a Greek ancestor stole Hermes’ teleportation hat and brought down all of Olympus. And the gods don’t easily forgive that sort of thing.

In Olympus, Moira strives to weave a future that will fix the heavenly disaster. The very one she created.

Meanwhile, the rich and powerful Sansone de Medici hires Andolosia to create a fantastical hat. A job that will change the hatter’s life.

At de Medici’s Florentine palazzo, Andolosia encounters the feisty Carlotta Lux. She claims de Medici has kidnapped her, because she is descended from Daphne, the legendary water nymph. Of course Andolosia has no choice but to rescue her using Hermes’ hat. But instead of gratitude, she is furious. Carlotta had been within inches of killing her captor.

Because Sansone de Medici is not who he seems. He is driven by a supernatural urge that demands he never gives up the chase.

And Andolosia and Carlotta can’t run far enough to escape him.

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