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Vikram-Betaal traces the story of an evil spirit with the ability to inhabit dead bodies. It follows the journey of a legendary King, Vikrama, known as Vikramāditya (first century BC), who makes a promise to a Vamachari (a tantric alchemist) that he will catch a Vetala (or Betaal), a divine soul who dangles from a tree and possesses the dead. The episodes delve into 26 spellbinding stories that the witty ghost Betaal tells Vikramaditya in an attempt to outsmart him. Presented in larger than life sound production full of dramatic music and Foley effects, the show creates an immersive soundscape that will take listeners into an ancient world of mystery and intrigue. Based on a centuries-old Sanskrit legend, written by Somdev Bhatt, it has inspired works such as Arabian Nights, “Golden Ass” of Apuleius, Boccacio’s “Decamerone,” the “Pentamerone,” and various other forms of classic fiction.  

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