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Hurricane Hanna Publisher's Summary

Will this undercover boss get swept off his feet when he meets this sassy BBW?


Hanna Gibbs is far from what I would call my dream woman. Bossy. Outspoken. White.

But damn, something about that porcelain skin and curvy hips. 

She keeps her crew in check like a ship’s captain. She can take shit, and dish it out. 

I’ve been all over the world and been with beautiful women along the way.

Why has this one got me so intrigued? 

I came here to secretly learn about the folks in my company, not to fall for an employee.

BOOM! Now, this hurricane has come out of nowhere and has us trapped. 

I have to keep us safe. But can I keep my hands off her when we’re this close?


Dominic Delgado is a mystery I can’t solve. He’s seemingly soft-spoken but oozes confidence. 

He’s got that...WORLD’S MOST INTERESTING MAN vibe about him.

Copper skin with a sharp silver beard that can’t be so perfect by accident. 

He’s been here for the last week with a small group from Caribbean to learn about expanding our rum distribution in the US. I’ve got this sinking feeling like I’m training him to take my job. 

I’m trying to keep it professional and not let some tropical hunk take my job. 

But there is an undeniable heat when we stand just feet apart.

BOOM! Now, this hurricane has come out of nowhere and has us trapped. 

I gotta keep it together and not panic. But how do I not just fall into the arms of this Latin hunk who’s doing everything to keep us safe? 


When an undercover heir to an empire meets a curvy younger woman who works for him, she'll sweep him off his feet and show him who’s boss. Will they weather the LITERAL storm coming, and keep their relationship professional? Or will they give in to their deepest desire and heat things up in this unexpected steamy romance, complete with a guaranteed sweet HEA.


TRAPPED is a new short story romance series that pits strong-willed curvy heroine characters against hot alphas who don't know what they're in for. Enjoy smoking hot tales of BBW instalove with hot heroes, trapped in physical, emotional, or mental dilemmas. See how each unique standalone short story unfolds with both passion and steam, always with a happily ever after. Follow GG DIAMOND for more sizzling tales like this. This book is intended for listeners 18+.

©2021 Andre Sibayan (P)2021 Andre Sibayan
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