The Women of World War II Mysteries

3 books in series
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Taxi! Taxi! Publisher's summary

Her brother went to war to fight for his country—she stayed home to fight for his business—she was her brother’s keeper!

When Maggie McTigg's brother Michael went off to fight in World War II, he left his taxicab company in her hands. As the only member of the family with a lick of business sense, he asked her to keep it running while he was gone. Maggie took it as a sacred trust, her own contribution to the war efforts, and resolved that it would still be operating when the conflict was over and he was finally returned home—no matter what it took and what she had to do.

Since most men were off fighting, she hired women drivers to fill their slots, and when she found out how the drunken men they picked up after hours acted, Maggie hired the toughest women she could find to drive—and that settled the late-night male passengers down more than a bit.

When the rival cab company, run by mobsters, started sabotaging her brother's taxis, Maggie fought fire with fire, and the rival's cabs were out of commission for days.

After a man is gunned down just outside her office over a substantial amount of money, Maggie wonders if at last she might be getting in over her head—just how far will a woman go to keep her soldier brother's heritage alive for him until a war is over?

Featuring a typical cast of offbeat Kelland characters, including:

Maggie McTigg, an outspoken, zany, endearing, and fearless woman.

Dougall Maibe, who kept turning up at Maggie's with sandwiches and coffee after every disturbing event.

Toots, Maggie's best friend and self-elected bodyguard, who could lift a filled steamer trunk with one arm.

Sime McCarthy, hoodlum on the rise, who had an interest in every illicit activity in town.

The mysterious passenger who left behind a briefcase and a clue to the location of loot worth more than five to 10 million dollars.

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