The Mental Files

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The Mental Files Publisher's summary

Join the frontline workers as they try to rescue those in crisis—mental, physical, and spiritual.

Book 1: Sheep Among Wolves

Ride along with officer Leon and caseworker Lita as they try to convince the man peering over the edge of the bridge not to do the unthinkable. And will the naïve young lady with the unexpected test result whose mind is being ravaged by frightening hallucinations trust the frontline workers? Or will she listen to her so-called boyfriend that she met at the bus stop? If only the little lamb knew the dangerous plans the street predator had in mind for her. Will the lonely caseworker fall for the handsome officer in spite of the nagging red flags? Will she rely on her faith or go with her feelings? Will the young man caught in the web of crime find a way out?

Ride along on the journey as the drama continues in the next story.

Book 2: Dr. John Doe

Why was the gray-haired man with a confused look running in and out of traffic screaming that he was a doctor? Follow Officer Leon, caseworker Lita, the nurses, and their newest ride along on the adventure from the street to the healthcare system. Can they figure out who the mystery man really is? And what about the young man who just narrowly escaped a life of crime? Will his negative thoughts pull him down further and place his loved ones in danger? Or can he find inspiration to pursue a better life? Will the caseworker and officer take their relationship to the next level?

Thought battles and memory struggles rage in this ongoing drama. Continue the adventure in the next story.

Book 3: A Tent Under the Bridge

Why does Abigail continue to live under the bridge? Will she allow the frontline workers to help her find a safer and healthier life? Will her long lost mystery daughter be able to forgive her? Or will Abigail’s choices place her daughter in further danger? Ride along with Mars on his first paramedic shifts. Can he handle the intense trauma and drama? Will the handsome officer ask his big question to the beautiful caseworker? Or will his buddies convince him he will never change and would be making a mistake?

Join the frontline workers as they continue rescue efforts for the minds and lives of the vulnerable. The story continues.

Book 4: Defenders of the Weak

Can Chandra break out of her paralyzing fear and anxiety? Stop allowing the bullies to take over her existence and place her in danger? Will she be able to help the stranger with a similar struggle? Or will the opposition take them both down? Will the frontline workers' project to help the less fortunate be thwarted by the community and church members who don’t want their comfort disturbed? Is the opposition willing to place others in danger to keep their status quo?

Strongholds to be broken. A God who is able. The shifts are 24/7. Buckle up as the bumpy ride continues.

Book 5: Ready, Willing and Able

Ride along with the frontline workers on the continuing drama as they discover that problems exist in every type of household. For richer or poorer. And sometimes, the unlikeliest of people can be the actual heroes. Abilities triumph over a spectrum of doubt.

Will the young paramedic make wise or hasty relationship decisions? Why does the mental health nurse get sent to the ER? Can the community and church finally accept the so-called different people in their midst? Leading you into the action with the season finale.

Book 6: Out of Control

One more won’t hurt. When does the seemingly harmless fun cross into the realm of out of control? Placing others in danger. Does the entitled patient comply with his treatment? Or will he make the frontline workers pay? Will the big event get cancelled due to the officer’s mistake? Can he be forgiven? Given the benefit of the doubt? What will reign? New beginnings or old habits?

Join the adventure, awareness, advocacy, and action!

©2020 Nurse Anne (P)2022 Nurse Anne
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